Mold contest 911?

never even saw it - presumably american although I couldnt tell because the country of the ch wasnt filled in , 911 would mean nothing to non americans

wondering why it didnt show as a contest for me

are we allowed to mention that it cant be used under the new rules ??

@Jose, all contests are listed on the Active Contests page - it is a fairly recent contest so not sure if you somehow missed it.

It is upto the contest holder to do a final check regarding suitability of the name for their business.In this case they were not looking for a domain name/ URL so the system did not block the submission of this name. As long as they have selected it as a winner, we will not challenge their decision.

i dont understand how the trademark check didnt say anything though as its already in use in america

and the contest never showed in my feed - the first i saw was when a winner was announced

Not one negative rating to the winner in 49 contests?


@Jose, you have brought up several issues, so let me address all of them clearly to avoid any confusion.

  1. The Trademark check is only available for Gold Package contests ($200 prize amount). The CH did not purchase the gold package, and therefore, choose the Trademark check option in this case.

  2. Even if this contest had a Trademark check applicable, the system doesn’t stop a name from being entered even when it finds a Trademark match. It is simply an aid that can assist the contestant or contest holder in finding out what Trademarks might already exist for the name. They may be from different industries or different countries - so the system does not block such names to be submitted.

  3. It is finally up to the contest holder to decide whether a name is appropriate for their business. Our policy is not to challenge their choice of winner selection, with the assumption that they have done the appropriate level of checks to determine suitability of a name. We only investigate or challenge winner selection if we believe there is a violation of our Terms or fraudulent selection of winner. In this case we do not see any evidence of that.

  4. Regarding why you did not see the contest in your feed, the only reason I can think if is if there was a filter selected on the left to hide certain types of contests. If you are still experiencing any issues where you are seeing email notifications of contests ,but not seeing them in your feed, please contact our support team so we can help.

@seezall, the winner has won 3 contests from different industries, and apparently, from different countries. So if you are implying something suspicious, it would help if you could explain further. By “not one negative rating”, I am assuming you are referring to no 1 star rating in their chart? While it is rare to see, there are few other members who have demonstrated similar success:

so hopefully, we don’t start suspecting our winners, just because they have consistently received high scores.

oh i thought the trademark thing was for everyone

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No suspicionsHere, just an observation also temp forgot 2 stars were not low rated anymore)))

I didn’t see it either

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glad I didnt imagine not seeing it lol

Hi to all
I am fairly new to SH. My question isn’t in direct relation to this topic.Although I am a bit baffled by a contest. I entered to where a ch chose an example name from his his brief. Is this allowable and a regular occurance. Be baffled by it in terms of seeing so many names submitted only to turn up a suggested name by the client I personally did alto of research and brainstorming. I was thrown for a loop when the chosen name was posted. Any comments on similar experiences,anyone?