Mixup with the pre-approved domain name

In September 2017 I have submitted a name to the marketplace. It was rejected then. In November 2017 I registered that name myself to protect it (it was often getting high ratings). Then in July 2018 I suddenly received a letter saying that it was pre-approved for the marketplace. I accepted the commission rule I was offered, filled out the form, pressed submit and then… nothing. It didn’t appear in the marketplace. I did not get any notification. Nothing.

I contacted your team through the blue button, explained the situation, send a screenshot of the email. Then I messaged them several times to follow up and would only receive the same polite answer “Unfortunately I do not have an update yet. Let me make a follow up to the team.” This has been going for two months now.

Has anyone else been in this situation? How did it resolve?

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@EliCreative, did you redirect the name to the SH server?