Misspellings in Winning Names and Domains

Just curious as to whether Realty was intentionally spelled Reality? :confused:


My guess would be yes, bc it’s in the domain that way too, but idk.

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The CH listed it as one of the possible endings (With same spelling) in the brief.


I remember that one. I skipped it. I couldn’t decide if I should tell the CH that they may be spelling the word ‘realty’ incorrectly or not. Telling someone on the internet that they made a spelling error usually makes the person upset. So, I let it be. No point in poking the bear so to speak. And internet browsers do have spell checkers built-in after all.

But now that I see no one mentioned the error, I am thinking maybe I should have typed something. It’s only a matter of time now that someone somewhere will say something and it will probably be a client. Not a pretty picture.

I know that @Anjy meant to do it and it’s a great name.
I wanted to say, beyond this one, that I’ve seen this many times in both CH briefs and winning names with misspelled domains that are different than the actual winning name. I always wonder what the deal is on those and hope that there was some kind of agreement on that. With CHs, the great thing is we can sub up to 3 domains so we can subtly give them the right spellings.


Hey Gang,

Just wanted to say that I wasn’t being critical or snarky about the misspelling - Was actually trying to be helpful and diplomatic in pointing it out.

Please accept my apology, if any offense was taken. :confused:


I didn’t take it as offensive at all. I was a little confused myself as there is a big difference in Realty and Reality. One can be property and one can be a tv show. SH, should we ever mention that to the CH? I never have as I don’t want to appear rude but sometimes they may not know. Thoughts?


In this case, it’s been explained that it was intentional. In other cases, I think if anything should be said, that notifying Squadhelp via the blue button would be the only way that would be the polite course of action. Allow SH to decide if the CH should be contacted or not. In half of the cases, if not more, the CH is going to realize that the spelling is wrong and has either agreed to it for whatever reason, or has decided that it is fitting. If they haven’t realized that it is misspelled and have chosen it, if something should be said or you think it may hinder something – allow SH to handle it just in case. Remember, if you say something to the CH it could be taken in the wrong way or misinterpreted and it just isn’t our place. Bluebutton it in the rare situations where it seems it may not have been intentional and allow SH to decide what to do. At least, that’s my opinion. Although I will nudge and remind that misspelling is an effective part of naming and claiming a domain name and if the CH may be open to that, then most times they are going to be aware it is a misspelling. Also a good point as to why we should just go to SH and use the best judgment as we can before and when doing so because it may, like in this case, be different than we think.

EDIT: This way it is fair and polite to the creative, the CH, and to SH.