Missing an Opportunity

I am in search of answers to this question. Can you all suggest a plug in for file reader that’s compatible with an Android tablet? I have tried serveral with no success:(Some contest holders attach files that once downloaded. .I get a can not open message. Any suggestions that have worked for you guys? Thanks!

Mary, try Google Docs if you can get to it from your tablet. My hubby says that might work.

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Thanks I will check into that.

I did download google docs. .it said my devices were compatible. Unfortunately it still would not open files downloaded from briefs. Thanks for suggesting it though.

If you have a Google account, you can upload the file to Google Docs. After it has been uploaded, you should be able to convert the file to something readable. This conversion should be automatic, but it could depend on the file. If this doesn’t work, we may need to know the file extension.

Thanks @Arnet
I will try it again.