Micro French Tip for Perfume Contest

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@Jose brought up a good point in the perfume discussion board about french grammar.

Let me help a bit with the language. It’s not much but it might help you in this contest.

French uses articles with their nouns. And they attach a gender to each noun.

More on French Nouns

Articles have to reflect the noun’s gender. We would say or write ‘father’, they would say and write "Le Père’ (the father).
French articles:

La (f) La mère (mother)
Le (m) Le père (father)
Les (m&f pl) Les Parents

un (m)
une (f)
des (m&f pl)

If a noun begins with a vowel or ‘h’, the article becomes l’

more on french articles

Adjectives also have a gender but there are some rules. If the noun is ‘feminine’ you add ‘e’ as in petite (f),petit is 'the masculine form

More on French Adj

I hope this helps


Oops, I didn’t realize the links would pull up the page! It’s a free site and very usefull

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