MESSAGES forbidden

I have been unable to send PM’s both to CH’s and creatives for the past several months. “Your account is not allowed to send private messages”. Even though I reported this issue to the BB team, I keep getting the exact same copy paste reply: “We will report this to the team and get back to you as soon as we have an answer”

This is a JOKE. I rarely PM a creative, let alone a CH.
There’s one thing I cherish though and that is DIGNITY.

I did nothing to justify this and I don’t like being treated like a toddler who missbehaved.

From this moment on, I won’t submit any more names. Not that SH cares much about it, after all I am not one of the “illuminated” ones :wink:

This site has A LOT of issues, everyone knows about it, a few talk about it…and for what?

I won’t be coming back to the…forum, so don’t take the time to comment, at least if the intention is for me to read it.
There are A TON of places to make money online. These days? OMG!

I will stick around from time to time to check on contests where I am shortlisted, after all waiting months and months…ya know?
There is always the chance that someone gets offended with this post and …reports it :crazy_face:
I don’t really care.

Good luck in this pursue of happiness and BIG rewards !!!


@Isabel_Pizarro Very sad to hear this!
Like you I don’t understand the reasoning behind this.
You will be missed!


Sorry to see you go, Isabel - I’ve always admired your quality, creative and thoughtful entries. :anguished: