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I am trying to get an answer about a recent message violation warning I received in response to a message I left on a contest. I have asked multiple times about what part of the policy I have violated with no response. I didn’t harass, intimidate, threaten or accuse the CH of anything, I simply ask for them to clarify whether they weren’t able to find suitable names in previous contests. This sort of information is key for both CH and creatives to help the process in achieving what I thought was the whole purpose of SH - finding the perfect name, tagline, logo etc. I don’t understand how my comment was a violation of any part of the policy and I’d appreciate an answer.


@Skevans Not sure if this helps or if Im right, however the rules for messaging say that you can only discuss the CH current contest. I asked SHAdmin a little while back about CH’s that have multiple abandoned contests and still open new ones. I was told that they dont have to choose a winner and there is no limit for them on opening contests.


@ Lisa, That‘s not the best policy, I believe it can lead to abuse. @skevins, your question wasn‘t bad but someone else followed it with a pretty direct and raw calling out. It was good for creatives to know, whether
it was intentional bad behavior (comment) or innocent snafu (possible) however, Squadhelp needs a less public less obvious way to deal with this stuff in a more professional manner. I suggest a code for internal, creative use.

I agree, but that’s their policy

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it should fix up the limit that how much depth should the creatives can know or ask the ch about the brand . yes i was also warned somedays before so that why i asked ch for rating. i obey squadhelps rules & regulations. but SH should give freedom to the creatives in some aspects so that they can perform well & win the contest

According to the rules on messages for creatives it states the following:

  • Cannot Ask for Preferential Treatment: You cannot send any message that asks a CH to provide preferential treatment to an individual creative or their entries. This includes asking for ratings, requesting comments on specific entries, seeking consideration for winner selection, or any other preferential treatment through any communication method.

This is a good thread Lisa because Im sure most people dont read guidelines till late in the game or for a while, myself included. Thanks for pulling that out.


I don’t think many read the rules/ handbook for creatives. I haven’t in years, but I do refer back to it in order to try to help my fellow creatives.
The - can we delete unrated entries question is on almost every contest.
It’s against the rules as per the handbook, yet creatives gave been told by the blue button it’s okay. Confusing to say the least.


You know, the other day someone asked the contest holder if they should delete non rated entries, the contest holder said no please dont, I will get to them we are trying to get through names soon. So, the question worked very well. Often times creatives will “explain” that they can‘t submit more entries unless they delete which I think may confuse/concern clients. If it were more like some creatives have limited entries. Honestly unlimited deletes reentries aren‘t good, but I did 6 based on the same entry either for a typo, a forgotten cap, or a better version or cause I just plain hated it. I have also done it after a brief change where they say, we hate that word. If it was phrased with a standard acceptable phrase that the system would only allow once that would cool

Thanks for question @Skevans. From the creatives viewpoint (who provide the energy that makes the wheels of SH turn), I was grateful to see your post where you (very politely and seeking guidance going forward) asked about the lengthy list of prior abandoned contests of this CH. Sort of made it easy for me to hit the back button and on to the next contest…


Creatives should not ask for ratings. Firstl its a violation of the policy. Second, the system automatically reminds them when they log into their contest to rate entries. Third, the rules state that they DO NOT have to rate entries or choose a winner, although it is highly encouraged.
Problem with the question is…its usually asked within hours of the contest opening and usually asked by more than one creative. I recently seen a CH explain that they have been rating and will get to them soon, then proceeded to explain that they looked at all of his/her entries and why they wont work for them in detail in the messages. This is considered preferential treatment


Reall not great that it sais they don’t have to pick a winner or rate… Or at least it should tell them what happens if they don‘t, meaning splits… which used to be sufficient until we had to split between over 10 people. Maybe the answer is requesting them to at least cull so that doesn‘t happen. Dunno it seems there was a huge uptick… Makes me wonder if SH changed something like that statement.

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Here’s the link to the Contest Holders rules . It talks about ratings and such in case anyone is interested


lisa this was awesome of you to post. The only thing I would add, is that when a winner is not picked and entries, if they shortlisted a lot of them, and they are not culled that the split payout is very small. The way it is currently worded makes them think SH will select a few of them. It should be clear that it is split equally and the time should at least be $30 bucks in my opinion, but I have gratefully taken the $15. At potentials for less, sometimes less than a buck, not worth our time. Its a big ask to tell us why on every no, and a suggestion for a general whats not working in messages would be great. @Grant suggestion to improve. I would love to see a line of how much we would appreciate a generalized apx timeline on choosing a winner, as many of us check sometimes daily or hourly. If they for example have a board or think it will take a week or so, Id like to know.b may want to put in a paragraph for the ever troublesome ratings request. We will work our butts off for a responsive to questions contest holder. For me thats an absolute joy. Perhaps a generalized statement that creatives have discretionary choice in which contests they enter as well as how many entries we will put in and we each have our own criteria is most diplomatic. For me personally, if I see a gazillian shortlists and loves i tend to shy away. 8 have other criteria as well. Many of us do research on industries. would like to know what it means when we see registrations reported. Are these bonused registrations, wins or something more nefarious?

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Hi @slogana, did you mean “many contests where a winner was NOT chosen…”?

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