Message Center snafu?

I never go look at my message center activity… until today when I found that someone sent me a message two months ago! I never got a notification that I had a message so I totally missed it!

Is this related to notifications issues that I just saw posted?


No- this is different. I get the red dot on my “envelope” every here and there, only to find it was an old message from a month or more ago. I gave up on asking for it to get fixed.


This has been my experience since I joined.


Yep, just went to the message center and saw two messages there from July and August that I was never notified about and there was no indication they were there. Happened before too. SH should look into it.


Also, I will get a comment from a CH on an entry in my home email, then when I get on SH I see a red dot next to my “envelope” here and would assume it was the new comment I was emailed, but no, again it is an old email not related.


I was also silent for a long time, I think that only I was limited in communication. It turns out that everyone has this problem. Very often I receive comments from the customer, but when I go under the envelope, I see only the previous message. The new does not appear immediately. Pushs disappeared a long time ago too.