Member Tier Levels

So I finally got 50+ premium names up. Under the member tier levels that would be silver. On the page that describes tier levels, it says you can see your current tier level and bonus from with in your dashboard.

Where on the dashboard do I find it, and get access to the 50 bonus coins and 5 superboosts? Support didn’t know either and is checking with their development engineers.


I recently made Silver and had the the same questions. In my experience, SH sent me a congratulatory email shortly after (within a week) and the coins were deposited to my account. I haven’t used any boosts yet so not sure if SH keeps track of how many of the free boosts we use.


@BrandCamp Thanks for your reply. I’ll keep a look out on the email from SH. So now I am off to get 49 more to make it to gold. :slight_smile:

That’s the spirit :slight_smile: good luck to you!

They have now fixed and tier level and bonus are showing up on my account.