Meaningless observation

Anybody ever notice the contestants page lists participants in order of member registration? I just noticed and thought it was kinda cool😊

That’s not a meaningless observation at all. I had no idea there was a Contestants Page. How do you access it?

On every main contest page their are the tabs to select brief, entries etc. One of those tabs is labeled “contestants” it shows who is participating in a given contest and how many entries they’ve submitted.

I happened to notice yesterday we are listed by date of member registration.

(Sorry if you thought I meant an actual contestants page that exists alone. Because say you see someone in the forum and want to look at their contest profile you can’t because there is no contestant search engine. You have to hope they’ve won or find a contest they’ve entered. If you go through all that it feels a bit stalkerish rather than a quick looksie at their stats lol :wink:)

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So I think it was literally hours after my initial post that they did the update and no longer list in order of member registration. But…I like this order (rating info actually) much better! Very telling…I like it :grin:

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