Maybe this isn't for me

Initially I joined squad help in an effort to make extra money. I work 9-10 hour days so the majority of part time jobs I could do are limited. I somehow got lucky in one contest and the contest closed with my submission actually being listed as a potential winner. Weeks and weeks have gone by and no winner has been announced. Thinking if I won it’d give me the confidence that I might be able to do this is now growing weak. Even if I win here and there, getting the cm to actually decide and pay appears to be on a more extended time line than I was expecting. This was fun but I think I’ll leave this up to the rest of you. Best of luck and happy naming!

@tgriffith I’ve been having issues myself and it doesn’t seem to be getting any easier. Of course I am still in ‘newb’ status and it doesn’t seem like that may be ending anytime soon. I have to say that I am sorry that this hasn’t worked out for you. I, too, joined in hopes of making this something especially since I have no job and I am unable to work and only drawing SSD. I figure to give it a bit longer for myself, though, and maybe you’ll rethink your decision. If not, though, again I am sorry and I have to say I know how you feel just about different issues and I will say this, if you decide to stick to it and stick around, I’m here if you ever want to talk. Otherwise if not, I wish you luck and sorry to hear what you’ve went through and sad to see you go.


This is definitley not for everybody! I’ve been at it pretty hardcore for 7 months and I often wonder why I keep trying, literally wonder every other day!! BUT…the answer for me is I truly enjoy it and I’ve become a bit addicted :grin: I don’t recommend anyone participate soley for reliable income!! It’s simply too unpredictable, even if you’re really good. Even though some people make it look easy I’m sure they’d agree they have more downs than ups. That’s my my experience anyway. Sure it’s awesome to make some money on the side but for me it’s more trouble than it’s worth if you don’t actually enjoy it on some level. Good luck!! :blush:


Oh and btw you would be notified immediately if you won. If there are no winners posted on the contest homepage then there have been no winners selected yet.


You’re past the honeymoon stage of SH. A lot of us who’ve been here for a while know that you work hard and hope for the best. More oft than naught,the majority here, do not win a whole lot. They put out good names, but the CH ends up picking someone else. Or is some cases SquadBot does the picking.

My advice to you is not to give up. Keep trying, scale back if you must, stay realistic, but keep working at it. You can only get better and better!

I agree with LaurenE ,you should hang in there. The last contest I won was on a name that was seen but not rated. I was ecstatic and believe you me, you will be beside yourself with joy for hanging in there. It makes all your hard work well worth it!Good Luck👍

Even the “veterans” have cycles where they don’t win (I am going thru one right now!).It can be discouraging ,but it’s the nature of this gig.So you have to be willing to push thru it and still keep trying in hopes the tides will turn.

It isn’t an arena for everyone. I think some people think it’s an avenue for easy money…but that is far from the truth.You have to be patient,committed, and realize you are not going to be successful in winning far more than you will be successful.

Every CH is different and looking for different things.Often there are hundreds and hundreds (if not over a thousand) names they are sifting through. So good names and even great names often don’t make it,as in the end,there is only one name chosen.

There is somewhat of a learning curve…and you will find usually if you have a knack for it…you will get better in figuring out what names are better than others, and start being successful.

But it does take hard work and like Laura says,realistic expectations.

Best of luck!


Yes! I am so glad I read this because A. I’ve ony gotten a few likes in a few weeks and 11 contests. B. I have that feeling of dismay also, like whats wrong with my entries, they are so good! :wink: C. The perplexity I feel over CH has seen, not rated. I’m like what do I do with these entries… I usually would say well I guess since they were not moved to give a rating they don’t really like it BUT Mrye has instilled hope in me that it does not mean they won’t choose it in the end… This is good to know. Now I won;t feel so down about it not being worthy of a rating. Is the rating process tedious for the CH? do they get tired of it…? Is there a better way? I Wonder. At any rate I have learned a lot from this conversation! I’m not giving up because I’m not going to say later that “I coulda been somebody, I coulda been a contender.” “I am a contender!”:slight_smile:


Yeah, you don’t want us to call you The Raging Creative, now do you? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Good one! :slight_smile: Just got full status! Hope to see you in the winners circle(aka ring!) lol

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