Maybe sometimes don’t try too hard


I put a bit of effort and thought into my CH entries, but sometimes I just throw in a bolt out of the blue name just off the top of my head because it just seems to fit. And sometimes, the off the top name gets an “On The Right Track” vote from the CH. Sometimes I’ll hammer away at that and give a few more along that track,but mostly I just leave them to probably die because, well, it was a damn good effort anyway. If they didn’t Like or Love It, then meh — I’ve got other things to do.

Interestingly enough, sometimes — just sometimes, and I bring this up because it’s happened to me — the name ends up getting shortlisted some time later, apparently when the Client re-reviews the crop of names they didn’t outright reject on the first go or something for some reason.

So just put your best foot forward (even if you’re not thinking too hard) knowing nothing’s over until it’s over. You may end up being pleasantly surprised.


Yeah but have you won anything?


Since you asked, Yes I have.

My post wasn’t a directive on how to win a contest, tho. It was more about my own process, but mostly an observation that might help others, especially the newcomers to SH.


I have had the same experience, Scott. Because sometimes, the first idea you have is actually great!


This my friends- is the secret to winning.