Maximum Number of Letters

Would it be possible to move the Maximum Number of Letters information closer to the beginning of the brief, before I start thinking of naming ideas? So many recent briefs prefer 10 letter names.

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We’re not opposed to it. Would like more input from the community before making the change.

Creatives - Please share your thoughts on this. Would you like to see this information near the top of the brief?

It doesn’t matter to me, but if it helps out others, then I’m ok with it

I doesn’t matter to me either.

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there are some things that need changing but really if its just a matter of scrolling a few inches its doesnt warrant it

I agree…the way I see it, is you still have to scroll down to style preferred etc,or to view clients name and/or info(if any)…either way it’s a finger stroke up or down. I think its ok where it is.

Doesn’t really matter where it is to me as I read the brief in its entirety

Then you are truly a glutton for punishment and I commend your tolerance.

Since my time and most everyone else’s time is limited, having special qualifications on the name, in this case, 10 letters, should be brought up as soon as possible. I usually skip 10 letter contest, they are such a pain and I end up spending too much time trying to figure out how to get an 11 letter name down to 10. My time is better spent moving on and coming back to the contest later after the CH’s has removed the 10 letter condition. Not that all of the CH’s remove the limitation, but it seems about half do.

Arnet- Are you being facetious in the first paragraph of your post?

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Yes, of course. Maybe it doesn’t read as intended.

Sorry! It sounded contentious even after the third reading, so I had to ask! My bad

I edited the post to conform more closely to business sensibilities.

@Arnet No, I am not a glutton for punishment and my time is as limited as yours and everyone else’s as I spend most of my day and night caring for my disabled child.
With that said, I read the entire brief regardless of the letter count restrictions for a few reasons.
First and foremost is to get a complete understanding of what the CH is looking for. If I happen to think of names over the 10 letter limit, I write them down and will check back to see if the letter count has changed. But in the CH defense, most marketing companies will tell you to keep your domain name at 6-10 letters max, that is probably why so many want 10 letter limits.
I also check other info such as the last time the CH has checked their contest, are they rating entries, have they left any messages, brief changes, where they are from etc, etc.
Also 10 letter names are not impossible. I have won contests with 5 letter domains and so have plenty of others.


@Grant, when did you become asadeh???

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