Max Duration for Contests

As a follow up to below topics, we have reduced the maximum allowed contest duration across all contests. Naming contests can now be run for a max of 7 days. We have also introduced a “1 day” option for those who are in a rush.

We have also made similar changes to durations of other types of contests (e.g. logo design etc).


Introduction of a sliding scale with respect to duration of a contest and compensation allowing contest holders increases in award amount depending on the quality and quantity of entries received.

I thought new naming contests would have a max of 7 days. We have 2 new contests that just started that are 10 days. What happened here?

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Good catch. We had reduced the max duration for all naming contests except for “Product Naming” contests. We have now removed the 10 day option for this type of contest as well, and going forward there should not be any new 10 day naming contests.


Thank you Dan, those are almost always the domain scoopers. One of these looks legit so I entered 1 but basically I will always avoid the 7+ day contests like the plague. Every time in the past I have entered them I have seen my names bought immediately after - sometimes during. I appreciate your reducing the time limit.


Thanks Dan!! That will be very helpful going forward on those contests as well.

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