Marketplace Updates


@grant I just started moving my names over and a thought suddenly stuck me. Is this an error? That we can submit basic listings into contests at full price? I haven’t seen this announced but it might be new.

I don’t want to move my names across if it’s an error that will be corrected later.

Many thanks in advance.


Hi @Commulinks, my basic listings also don’t show as “premium” when submitting into contests - here’s what it says: Ok to Submit. Bypassing availability check because you already own this name. Note: You can sell your domains at a premium price by submitting them to Squadhelp Marketplace first. Maybe they’re still working out kinks on your side? . . . I still can’t edit my basic listings, as I can my premium names.


It showed up after I subbed it. Can you go back and look at your entry and see if it says premium next to it now?


okay, yes I see what you mean - It has the “premium” blue highlighted box next to the name in the contest under entries . . . this can be confusing for CHs . . .


Hi All,

There may be some display issues when submitting Basic listings into contests. We are aware of these issues and in the process of resolving them.

For clarification, as per our original announcement and policy, Basic listings will not display to Contest Holders as premium domains. If you submit a Basic listing into a contest and it wins, you will receive the award amount from the contest. No additional fees will be paid by the Contest Holder.

You should not submit a basic listing into a contest, if you are not willing to transfer that domain to the Contest Holder for the prize amount of that contest.


Ahh Poop! Thanks @grant