Marketplace Updates


Can you Blue Button this providing the exact URL(s) so we can troubleshoot and fix asap?


Please use the Blue Button to report the specific domains directly to the Customer Service team so we can get this resolved. Thank you!


Ok, got it. Thanks for helping me out!!


Hi All,

  • If you are experiencing any issues with the new functionality, please use the Blue Button to report them right away. Include as much detail as possible, so we can resolve all issues promptly.

  • Your new Portfolio page has links from your public profile, so all new pages and listings will be indexed by Google.

  • You should now be able to submit your domains that were previously rejected from the Premium Marketplace as Basic listings.

  • It is always our goal to keep Marketplace submissions open at all times. However, every once in a while, we do experience a backup, in which case we pause submissions for a short time. We are getting several hundreds submission per day, but we are currently looking for ways to review a higher volume of names.

  • You can edit your Basic listings in the same way you edit your Premium listings: Go to Your Marketplace Listings in your Marketplace Dashboard, and click the domain you’d like to edit.


The edit feature for my “basic” names is still not working however it is for my Marketplace names. Thanks @grant - I’ll blue button the issue.


Thanks @grant

I was worrying about nothing yesterday, it seems SH have to go through the process of approving a basic listing in order to make it resolve to the correct page.

I still don’t have my basic listing indexed in Google, and I’ve checked other creatives and their pages are not indexed in Google either. I suspect a link at the bottom of the public profile (under hundreds of other links) is just not enough. I will keep and eye on it and if the pages get indexed I’ll update.

Thanks for your help.



Still not indexed after a couple of days.

At the bottom of the page there are links:
“Other names that convey Bold”
“Other names based on Fun”
would it be possible to include
“Other names by Ablebrands” at the bottom of our basic listings? That would solve the issue.



Hi @AbleBrands,

We do not rely on our website linking structure for Google Indexing. We submit our sitemap directly, which is in alignment with techniques use by most modern sites. We are adding hundreds of pages per day, so it may take a bit of time for Google to catch up :slight_smile:


Thanks @grant I found the sitemap and see it in there so I’ll wait it out, I don’t want to start adding any names before I know they’ll be indexed and stay indexed.

The FAQs state: “In the future, Squadhelp will also add a separate section for potential buyers to search these listings.” any ETA on that please as that would help?

Many thanks.


@AbleBrands - It will probably take a few weeks for us to develop a search feature for the basic listings.


Thank you for the update @grant


Just a quick update for anyone interested in whether or not names added as a basic listing get indexed.

My name has been indexed. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @AbleBrands - do you mind explaining what you mean by “indexed”? Thanks a bunch!


It’s in Google! If you search for the word (my domain is one word) SH’s for sale page is in the search results YAY :slight_smile:


yes, I see that! very cool. thanks :grinning:


It’s really fantastic!:fu:


I goofed. I thought that the basic marketplace names would come up like My Owned Domains when you sub them to a contest but they don’t. They come up as premiums. I thought we could sub them to contests for the contest prize. (Most likely my fault for not realizing all the ins and outs). Anyway, I am just sharing in case anyone else thought the same as I did. It’s not a problem, just a goof for me and info for you!


That’s great! I didn’t know that, that’s a great reason to add more :slight_smile:


@Commulinks My Owned Domains/Basic Listings doesn’t come up as premiums when I submit it to a contest.


My basic listing did… after I subbed it… in the entries it shows as premium