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tkpro dont feel discouraged, I don’t understand a lot of this yet myself. It’s all new to us, others have been doing this for years and have learned the hard way just like us. Focus on honing your skills and happy things. I also have memory issues, but that has no bearing on our creativity :slight_smile: best wishes


Is the Basic Listing searchable in the Marketplace? and how do I edit entries (description, keywords, etc.) in my Basic listing? Thanks for any help.


@NelmaG, no the basic listing is not searchable in the Marketplace. Terms are here:

@grant I’ve just added my first name and notice there is no internal linking to that page at all, which means it won’t get indexed in Google. Any ETA on "In the future, Squadhelp will also add a separate section for potential buyers to search these listings. "? (which also means there will be some internal linking and the pages will get indexed). I’ll add my names at that point.

Also, I’ve updated the DNS but if you visit my domain direct, it does not go to my landing page, it goes to the marketplace homepage.


Thank you @AbleBrands.



About the 500 submissions cap, I would rather have the individual cap reduced, than have a general (all creatives’ submissions) cap such as this, because there are times I don’t have any pending submissions and still I am not able to submit any domain…
On the other hand, if the individual (minimum) cap was less that the 5, the total submissions would be more manageable (for SH staff) and each creative could still submit some domains.

Best regards!


Or increase the submissions cap!

This was working really well, I suspect there is just a backlog or a shortage of staff at the moment that has affected us for a few weeks.


My suggestion is only considering SH’s apparent shortage of resources to handle submissions, for now.
But the ideal is your suggestion! :grinning:


Thank you @Slogana. You’re very sweet to offer me encouragement. I’m trying to hang in there. It’s tough but you guys keep me from giving up completely. Congrats to you on your big win in the furniture contest. :grin:


I’ve noticed that if I click on my basic domains within my dashboard it directs me to the marketplace, but if I type my domains into an internet search bar it takes me to my landing page. Didn’t know if you noticed that or if it was different for you :slightly_smiling_face:


I’d like to know too if we can edit the Basic listing - I need to change the phonetics of one of my names.


Yes @Chasity2ku , same as me. Though I looked at another creatives basic listings and they are fine, so I assume SH does whatever they need to do when they see basic listings added.

@CRen and @NelmaG Go to your owned domains page, the ‘approved’ tab, and click on your name. You can update the details and phonetics in there.


Does anybody know anything about the url configuration for your profile page? I know what I want to use but it looks like I need to purchase it as a domain. Is that right?? It makes sense, I just want to be sure before I buy it.

If so, after I purchase it can I make it for sale in my portfolio and configure a new one if sold? Just curious…


Hi @AbleBrands - yes, that works for my “premium” domains that SH approved, but when I click on one of my Basic names, it just takes me to “my entries” page without pulling up the description on the right hand side . . . just me?


@grant stated they were making a facility for this in the future, but it’s not available right now.

Edited out, as the ability to add a URL to your marketplace page is available now (or will be very soon).


@CRen it worked OK for me, strange that it doesn’t work for you. Did you wait a while for the right hand side slide to come in? sometimes it’s really slow.


Thanks Able! I’m still a bit confused though. I don’t know what you mean by “don’t buy hosting” I’m admittedly a total noob lol But I’ll follow the link you posted and see if it becomes more clear!

Did you notice if you go to your portfolio page there is a button to the right that says configure your url? That’s what made me ask in the first place.


Ahhh I hadn’t noticed that! That’s great, you can follow the instructions in there :slight_smile:

I said ‘don’t buy hosting’ because GoDaddy is always trying to get you to buy hosting when you register domains, you don’t need it, SH is hosting your domains.


Oh I see (about the hosting) thank you!

So I read the short instructions for configuring but when I typed in the I wanted to use and saved it nothing happened and it’s not pulling up my profile page when I search it. Even if I search it doesn’t pull up my profile page. That’s why I was asking if I had to buy the first. I’m confused. I might need to blue button it :grin:

Edited to add: the instructions say to point your custom url to SH which also makes me think I need to purchase the


yeah, no sliding box for me :confused: maybe it’ll be resolved soon - I’ll keep an eye on it, thanks!


Yes, you need to buy and point the DNS to:

It can take up to 48 hours to resolve so don’t worry if it doesn’t work straight away.