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@Marye5 [quote=“grant, post:18, topic:3209”]
You will be free to list any domain that you own.
Grant just confirmed. Only domains that you own :slight_smile:


Thanks I wanted to be sure I understood it right.


@grant Thanks for the clarification in the FAQ regarding the non-exclusiveness of Basic Listings. The part about having to point the nameservers to SH might be a problem for me personally since I have my own landing pages and get some sales directly through them without having to pay commissions. But I’ll see how everything is implemented and consider it for some domains.


This is a nice new feature and I’m happy SH is always expanding their offerings and providing new opportunities for its users.

At the same time I would echo Moretal’s comments that pointing your NS and creating a free landing page is a service offered at by multiple companies. Since commissions at these places varies from 9% to 20% the advantage is not clear to me at this time. Later when SH creates a directory of its landing pages and publishes it on the site for customer to browse it might become a more attractive opportunity.

Maybe I’m missing something but Premium means having a landing page with your domain in the SH marketplace with a logo. I love having my domains on the SH marketplace but I’m not sure what advantage there is of having a landing page as well.

Just thinking out loud.

Meanwhile, thank you for providing us with another option to consider and kudos for merging the withdrawal fee into the commission. That’s a much better arrangement! :slight_smile:


It didn’t completely sink in that you aren’t really eliminating the withdrawal fee. You are just showing us our commission less 10% on names we’ve already had approved. Here I thought I might make more money. You did explain it correctly, but it didn’t really penetrate my brain. Bummer.



I just tried to submit a domain that I own that has been rejected by SH Marketplace, as a basic listing, and it tells me “ has already been submitted to Marketplace.”


@Grant, I have a suggestion and some questions:

Suggestion (before it’s too late!):
Is it possible for the tech team to embed our referral code into our landing page URL? Since many people will be promoting their landing pages, and the referral code system separates marketplace from contest, it would be great if we could have our referral code embedded in our landing page.

What is the ETA on making the Basic Listings searchable? You said in the future it will be searchable. But searchability is key to my decision to move some of my names (and when) - and I’m sure that matters to others as well. Are we talking weeks or months?

@AbleBrands already eluded to this, but I am guessing the system is not yet in place for adding names to the Basic Listings page? Able, my “guess” would be that you need to add them to “My owned domains” then point the server. But I don’t know how those would end up on the basic listing. They haven’t outlined yet how to sub them.

Edit for new question: I think I read that you may allow us to purchase logos for the names in the future. Do you know when that would be and how much it would cost? Again, that matters in terms of which names I might move because some of my names have logos I can’t take with me and I don’t know if I want to invest more money.



So I have a question to anyone who can answer - this is all new to me so I’m trying to wrap my head around it - how will our “basic” name that we own be transferred over to SH from an outside site (GoDaddy, NameSilo, etc.)? Is this done after a sale? Or is it linked somehow when we list it on SH? How does the transaction come to fruition? Thanks! Sincerely, Mrs. Confused


Let’s use GoDaddy as an example because I think most people will use GoDaddy.

Buy your domain at GoDaddy. Then you update your nameservers to:
You can do that by logging into GoDaddy then going to:
It’s at the bottom of the page.

When the domain sells, you’ll get an email from SH asking you to push the domain to them (they deal with the buyers, not us). Go to:
at the bottom of the page is a link that says “Transer your domain to another account”
Follow the instructions in the email from SH.

If you or anyone gets a sale and gets stuck with anything, you can PM me and I’ll walk you through it.


Thanks @AbleBrands, you’re the best. I appreciate the quick response.


One more question: What is this new “Marketplace Balance” on our main page under our badges (in front of "Available To Withdraw)? With all the forum discussions lately I may have missed this topic, so my apologies. Currently mine says $0 . . .


@Cren, they did that to distinguish between withdrawals that do not have withdrawal fees (marketplace money) and contest money (which does have withdrawal fees). Marketplace names have the withdrawal fee built into the commission now. So, as @Grant noted, what used to be a 30% commission, for example, is now shown as 27% and no fee will be subtracted. (But you are paying the fee).


Hi @Commulinks! Okay, thank you, that makes sense. I swear, sometimes I feel like I need a “SquadHelp for Dummies” book :roll_eyes:


I will have the team look into this. Thank you for letting us know.


Hi All,

We are testing some exciting new features, but we do not have a timeline for specific developments. We will keep you posted as we move forward.


“In the near future, the Basic listing will replace My Owned Domains.”

So if we don’t choose to point our names to SH’s servers, we won’t be able to enter them in contests?


I pointed my domain to Squadhelp server and tried to submit it to Basic Listing and it says “We’re a bit backed up.”


UPDATE on “We’re a bit backed up.” : The Status is now LIVE.


Backed up again, I just tried and it gave me the same message :frowning_face:


Did I understand it right that you can also offer a name that hasn’t won in the passed and that you don’t own but had received higher rating, that you can offere it here on marketplace? And register it this way on here using your points? This is all a bit new…