Marketplace Updates

In order to further expand our Marketplace, and offer additional listing options to creatives, we are announcing several updates to our Marketplace. These changes are not live yet, but will be available in the next few days.

1. “For Sale” page for creative owned domains

You will be able to add any domains you own with a “For Sale” listing on our platform. These domains will not require any approval from Squadhelp, and you can set your own price.

If the name sells, Squadhelp will charge a standard commission at 15% of the selling price, or $300 (whichever is greater). There will not be any additional 10% withdrawal fees.

Learn more about the Basic & Premium Listings here:

You can request to upgrade your Basic listing to a Premium listing at any time. If your premium listing is approved, it will be featured in our Domain Marketplace once you approve the commission rate (there is no change in this process).

In the near future, the Basic listing will replace My Owned Domains.

2. We are eliminating 10% Withdrawal Fees for Marketplace Sales

In order to simplify our pricing and commission structure, we will no longer charge a 10% withdrawal fee on Marketplace sales. If you already have names approved in the Marketplace, your commission rates will now display the net commission rates that you receive after taking into account the 10% withdrawal fee. For example, if you have a name that is currently approved for 30% commission rate, your dashboard will now show 27% commission for that name. In other words, there is no change in the ACTUAL proceeds you will receive - we are simply showing your net commission upfront in order to make our commission structure more transparent and comparable with other marketplaces. This change applies to both Creative Owned as well as SH registered domains.

There is no change in the 10% withdrawal fees for Contest Awards. You will be able to see your account balance for contest awards as well as marketplace sales separately in your account page.

These changes are expected to be visible in your account within the next few days. We are excited about these changes because we believe these would position us to offer even more opportunities for our buyers to discover great names, and allow our creatives even a greater number of monetization options.


Beside myself happy!!! This is awesome!


This is great news!! I’m curious how customers will find our basic domains. Will there be an option with all creatives’ basic domains housed together (similar to the marketplace), will they need to look at our individual profile, both, etc.?? Super excited either way :smiley: Thank you!!

Update: Nevermind…the link above answered all my questions.

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I was about to write a post for such an option! Absolutely love this.:heart_eyes:

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This is so amazing! Thank you so much SH.:joy:

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@grant A question regarding Basic Listings: can domains that are listed in the private portfolio be listed at other sites too? Or in other words- are basic listings non-exclusive or exclusive?


Wonderful! Thank you. :clap:

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OMG are you serious! This is a massive game changer that puts you a touch ahead of the competition!

Thank you so much for this.

Am looking forward to the answer to @moretal question. It’s the difference between me adding 50 names or 5000 names and I suspect that it is the same with other domain owners.


I’m sure this is great news for people who can afford to buy hundreds or thousands of domains as now they have their entire portfolio at their disposal. But for poor people like me who cannot afford to buy domains and rely on the few pennies we get from contests this is the end for us. SH has been a haven for me for several years but now it’s time to call it quits because I’ll never be able to compete now. Good luck to the rest of you guys. It’s been fun.


It doesn’t change anything @tkpro72

We are being provided with a landing page and a good commission rate (15% or $300 whichever is the greater). For those of us with domains on GoDaddy/Afternic at 20% commission rate, it makes sense to move our higher value names here.

We still can’t enter them into contests at the selling price, if we enter them into contests we have to give them for the contest amount. They are not being added to the marketplace.

There is no material difference to how things are set up now with the exception of:

  1. We get a slightly better commission rate than using another marketplace.
  2. SH gets the SEO benefit of our domains and any traffic they might get too.

It’s a win-win for us and SH, that traffic could very well turn into CHs!


Thank you for your clarification AbleBrands. I have focus and memory problems and with all of the changes on the platform I get a bit confused about what’s going on. I still don’t completely understand but you’ve helped me quite a bit. I still get a feeling of being left behind here but instead of completely giving up I’ll just focus more attention to other things. Thanks again.


Hi All,

We have added some Frequently Asked Questions to the below article, which should address all the questions on this thread:


I feel ya.I’m in the same situation of not being able to afford to register my names and all but one I’ve submitted to shmp has been rejected.I would like to register my high rated names but the money just isn’t there.It’s getting harder to stay interested.To my understanding even basic domains have to be owned to be listed.It all sounds great if you can afford it.

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@tkpro72 I sure hope you won’t leave. Contests will STILL be really important…and here’s why…
A customer can come and search the marketplace(s) and not find what they want. You can STILL submit your names to the curated marketplace (where SH has to approve them) and not pay for the domains for at least the first year. (Second year, you can accept reduced commission on them instead of paying out).

SH is the only place where the customer has all of these options, which is going to mean … more customers. A large percentage of them will start contests.

So if anything, what this means for you is more opportunity not less. I’ve had multiple names I own listed under “my owned domains” on SH for a while. I enter them into contests sometimes.

I am not a BIG domain investor like others here. I am very conservative in my buying and I have not broken even on my buys yet.

Please stick around TK!

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@grant, kindly clarify. There are owned domains that were previously rejected in the main SquadHelp Marketplace. Can we now list those in the basic marketplace or not? Thank you for your time and the new positive developments, Re : The Marketplace. It’s most definitely a super way forward. Kudos to you and your team:)!

@Marye5, @tkpro72, Links is right. I too am in your situation. But look at this with very long lens. Not an insta fix but trust me in the long haul, the few domains you can afford to register now and then will amount to much in the not so far future. Baby Steps and Persistency, I’d advice. And please reconsider. However you are feeling right now, do not quit SquadHelp. It’ll be tougher to come back when you need to. Give it your best and hope for the best


Thanks so much for your encouraging words @Commulinks and @Soni. And thank you @Marye5 for knowing exactly how I feel. Whenever I’m depressed about my lack of success and want to throw in the towel you guys always come to my rescue. SH truly has the most amazing group of creatives. I think I’ll take your advice and see how this plays out. Thanks again you guys. Ya’ll are awesome. :grin:


Basic listings will not be screened by Squadhelp. You will be free to list any domain that you own. Therefore, yes, domains that have been rejected previously for the Squadhelp Marketplace can be listed.


@grant…Can only list owned domains,right?

Thanks Grant. It’s now clear as day :slight_smile: