Marketplace Suggested Improvements from SELLERS


I would also like to see SH do something the “other” marketplaces have failed to do and that is to stop onboarding new domainers at record speed and instead set a goal to sell a much higher percentage of names that are already in the marketplace. I read the note that SH is getting more visitors to the site. But guess what? That has not impacted the number of shortlists and sales we are getting individually. “Views” mean nothing. And honestly, a lot of the “views” you are counting are not valid views. They are bots. I know this because I have seen massive view increases in certain months without proportionate shortlists and sales.


I do not want to be verbose, but I am in a similar situation. A lot of money was spent, and the return is zero. I believe that everyone should have equal rights in the domain market. The client should find what he really needs, and not choose from what the system offers him. We have a highly professional platform. And to arrange a lottery for coins - the client will see your domain or not - I consider it inappropriate


Based upon our research, our Marketplace sell through rates are currently the highest in the industry and our goal is to continue to lead in that area. Having said that, it is unrealistic to expect that we will stop accepting new names into our Marketplace. This is a strategic area of growth for our platform, and we will continue to add relevant names. However we are extremely careful about growing too rapidly and therefore we currently have an extremely stringent criteria in accepting new names. Our acceptance rate is currently less than 10% and we are more selective about adding new names than ever before.

Regarding traffic, it is incorrect to state that the growth in SH visits has happened due to bots. We are currently making record level of marketing investments, and the increase in our traffic has primarily occurred due to the consistent increase in our Marketing spends. While all platforms do get bot traffic from time to time, that traffic accounts for an extremely small percentage of overall website traffic. We have openly shared our entire year of Google Analytics traffic data as well as data from third party tracking platforms such as SimilarWeb.

If you are not seeing good returns from your Marketplace investments, it is certainly prudent to pause before investing any further. On an average, more than 80% of brandable domains will never sell, and even good brandable domains can take 12-24 months to sell. So we recommend analyzing your overall portfolio performance over a longer period of time. It is also a sound strategy to diversify your domain portfolio across multiple marketplaces if you are not seeing good sell through rates from a single platform over a long term horizon.

We are absolutely focused on continuing to add more features as well as ways in which potential buyers can discover the domains listed in the Marketplace. Unfortunately no Marketplace can guarantee an equal exposure to all names. Ultimately this is determined by several factors such as the popularity of the name and ongoing buyer interest compared to other names in the Marketplace. We have put together a document that outlines 7 ways to improve potential exposure of your domains:

We plan to add even more ways in future to achieve more exposure for your names.


Thanks for the advice. I do all of that and much MUCH more. But I shall take your advice to heart. This post has made me even more discouraged.


@grant I was wondering if there is any consideration to allowing us some input on logo design? Maybe a limited description box or keywords we could choose. Not to make it difficult on the designers, just something short and simple for inspirational direction.

Earlier in this thread I gave an example of a logo that I received which didn’t relate well to the name concept. Since that post I received a logo redesign that was much more fitting. Since the redesign the name has been shortlisted by about triple the amount it was before the new logo.

I would also like to see the ability to look back through our marketplace stats to see previous stats for comparison. Thanks for all your considerations.


Squadhelp tech team: Could you please consider moving “My Marketplace Listings” and “Seller Preferences” UP on our dashboard just below our stats and above “Featured sales” (etc)? The scrolling has gotten really long. Maybe also drastically shorten the featured sales list to only the most recent? I noticed all of those on that list are the bigger sales over $2000. Honestly, that list is not very inspiring to me when I am not able to even raise my prices up to the levels some of the names are selling at. It’s often a headscratcher for me seeing those prices… when I have names that are in the same league with many of those, yet my prices are way less. Anyway, my main point was please move those items up.


Hey, SH, thanks for putting the leader board back. I truly appreciate that. I am hanging on by my fingernails! But I do appreciate seeing the board.


I just have a question for some of the marketplace veterans… When I submit an unregistered domain name I always check I’m ok with SH or myself registering the name. The one’s that get approved SH has registered and they always give me a low commission. So I guess my question is do you think the chance of approval is decreased by selecting that I wish to register it myself if approved or do you think that doesn’t play apart in the approval decision? I feel like if I set the lowest commission I’ll accept it effects the approval process, so I just leave it at letting SH decide which hasn’t proved to be beneficial to me. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. :blush:


I don’t think it does matter that you want to register vs. SH though. I think it’s just that most names are being rejected. Edited to say: Names that have 2 loves or lots of likes/loves from contests are more likely to be approved… unreg names without a history have a harder time but not always.


Thanks. Do you happen to know if I reject the commission rate offered if I can register it and resubmit it? I would think it would still get approved on resubmission. I’ve always been too afraid to reject it because of the difficulty in getting them approved in the first place. lol.


I have not tried that so I don’t know. My guess is that it goes to the rejected list and you can’t. So it would be risky. Honestly, I would say because of the way you feel about it, to submit only names you already own but be more selective. I’ve been doing that and I live with it if they are rejected and put them in Basic and use them in contests.


Thanks. I think SH is pretty fair. I just don’t have a lot of experience with the marketplace yet so I wanted to get some input from those more experienced. I’m going off very few submissions compared to those who have been here a while so there’s a good chance over time I’ll find any reservations I had about certain aspect will change. I totally appreciate your responses. Good to know about possibly not being able to resubmit too. I’ll have to BB and get a definite answer and I’ll share it with the community for future reference. Thanks again for being so pleasant and helpful!


I am very frustrated with the SH owned domain renewal process. Today, I had a name renew (today is the 17th) that was not due until the 23rd. Last month, I had a name that didn’t renew until mid-day on the day it was scheduled to renew. Sometimes, my names renew and I get no notice. I really wish SH would fix all of these things. I don’t like the one today, renewing a week before it is due. Then if it sells in the next week, I am stuck with having paid for that. (And don’t think that doesn’t happen! I just sold a name that was scheduled to renew very soon!)