Marketplace Suggested Improvements from SELLERS


I am starting this string in order for sellers in the marketplace to highlight improvements they would like to see in the marketplace. While I truly appreciate Squadhelp’s vision for changes to the marketplace, I know that sellers may have ideas that SH did not think about and I have a list so I am putting it here. Please feel free to add yours. Mine aren’t really in any order.

–Please allow us to add discounts to ALL domains any time we want in any denomination we want, including SH owned domains. I have names that haven’t had automatic discounts added for months. I report them and am told it can’t be fixed. I also do not like being limited in the denominations on any name.

–SH wants to give us coins/points for promoting SH to other domainers. For me, promoting SH to BUYERS is MUCH more valuable and should earn points/coins. ie, twitter, FB, instagram posts should earn us things. Promoting to other domainers is counter-productive to sellers and I am not sure why SH values that more. Promoting to customers should earn very high coins/points.

–Please tell us HOW we can now make our Basic listings visible in the marketplace. I am unclear on that from the recent updates. From what I gather, they still won’t be visible in the main marketplace if they are basics…they are still relegated to the alternative marketplace, which gets zero attention from customers.

–I would like to see SH reward those of us who were early adopters to the marketplace by giving older names some perks. I.e., a free boost or superboost for SH owned domains or better yet, better positioning in the marketplace without us having to do anything. I feel that us old folks deserve some cred for jumping right in with the untested marketplace.

–Please reduce the boost cost back down to 500 points. You increased it to 1000 and I know I noticed it.

—Sellers are much more interested in general in how sales will be improved. I would love to hear updates from SH about what you are doing to improve sales. I haven’t sold a name here since May (but I have elsewhere) and I am becoming very anxious about the lack of sales even while I continue to add names.

—I would VERY MUCH like to know stats from SH on the categories of names that are selling best. I.E. Fashion, Finance, etc. and then blends, 5 letters or less, etc.

I may have to add to my list later because I have been thinking about these things for a long time but the recent changes made me want to post this. Thanks so much SH, for considering these ideas.


Thanks for starting this thread. I think it’s an excellent way to express our thoughts and concerns, as well as share our ideas for improvement. I’m pretty new here, but I understand your reasoning for wanting some perks for the creatives that were here early on. I’d like to suggest maybe like a seniority type system. Something along the lines of different levels earn certain privileges or “perks”. Maybe like 1 year, 3 year, 5 year, 10 year, etc. with each one earning more or better rewards the longer you’ve been here.


Perhaps there could be an optional section when we submit or when the domain is accepted that we could add a short description of our “vision” for the logo. The number of characters or words could be limited to keep it clear, concise, and manageable. The redesign request is a nice feature, but too expensive for those of us just starting out with limited points to work with.

Without being too specific, here’s an example of the issue I’ve experienced. I gave a very detailed description of the name and it’s basis. It clearly describes a flowing, natural, and transitional sense. So my vision and expectation for a logo would incorporate a smooth flowing design. The logo I recieved doesn’t reflect the concept or description of the name. It’s chunky and choppy looking. Sharp abrupt edges that are not compatible with meaning of the name. I’m new and only have around 2,000 pts to work with so redesign wouldn’t be a reasonable option for me at this point. My listing is in the top 10% on the marketplace, but I feel it’s not performing to the full potential because the logo is unappealing and off-base.

Improving this area would benefit both the creative and SH as the goal is to attract buyers and make sales. We all want SH to excel above the competition and to be the go-to marketplace for domains.


Allow Creatives the option to add their own logos to non-premium creative owned listings. A disclaimer or something could be added that lets buyers know the logos are not created by SH and not screened for trademark conflicts so SH wouldn’t have to allocate people and resources for this regularly.


I get you, but I don’t imagine Sh would allow people to use their own logos without them checking them out. So, maybe, 1 USD tax for reviewing your logo?


no please no more cost. :cold_sweat:


That’s where the disclaimer would come in, SH not responsible for… or something of that nature. This is a pretty good community so I don’t think there would be many problems with this and there could be a flag or report option if there is anything major someone here would report it. There could be guidelines of some sort set up and too many violations could be handled like violating any other SH policy.


I too would love to see some stats on sales in terms of whats selling vs whats not and the categories as well as preferences for name types ie.made up / real words / misspelled / descriptive etc.It would be great to have the opportunity to improve our submissions based on what the market is actually looking for. Thanks for starting the thread!



No need to change anymore when it wasn’t broken and if there’s anything broken, FIX IT, NOT MAKE AWFUL CHANGES.

Here’s a rebuttal of everything in this thread so far:

Discounts won’t do any good here. Clients will pay a premium domain at low 4 figures which is what most domains are already priced at. All your doing is lowering your end profits.

There’s already an affiliate program that pays real money. Look around SH before suggesting a catastrophe.

Basic listings are just nice landers. Leave it be. No point flooding the marketplace unnecessarily.

If there are plenty of “early adopters”, then there’ll be just a “flooded meaningless boost”.

Boosts point reduction - no comment, after all, 500 WAS the “before change”.

No comment, since it’s not really about changing the marketplace, I too would like to know how will SH promote individual domains, something they don’t do currently…

Category data can just be sent via monthly emails, no need for any changes on the website/dashboard/marketplace.

More elitism? “Seniors” are already getting the “perks”, it’s called A TON OF MONEY and the good times when NTYs do not equal major rating destruction. Seniors are comfortable enough. POOR NEWBIES, MANY FROM POOR COUNTRIES still need to CLAW THEIR WAY UP. And oh, don’t forget right now these POOR NEWBIES have to deal with the high entry barrier of creative-owned unregistered domain fees.

No, no , and no. Clients only want the NAME. Logos are ALWAYS redesigned. That’s what the logo contests are for.

Same thing said above, category/name data can just be sent via monthly emails, no need for any changes on the website/dashboard/marketplace.


And my measured “rebuttals” to your angry rebuttals are:

[quote=“qtnames, post:9, topic:4758”]
Discounts won’t do any good here. Clients will pay a premium domain at low 4 figures which is what most domains are already priced at. All your doing is lowering your end profits.

—Not true, I track everything and I know how my names perform - every one of them. Discounts bring more attention to a name when it isn’t getting other attention. I have proof, not theory. And if you don’t want to use discounts - then you don’t have to use them. It’s that simple.

There’s already an affiliate program that pays real money. Look around SH before suggesting a catastrophe.
–I have been here over 3 years and I know this site backward and forward. I use the affiliate program on every single thing I do. I have a website with affiliate links on every one of my names. That is not what I was talking about. SH is wanting us to promote to DNForum and NP about our sales and we receive perks for that. Those perks on not based on results, they are based on actions. I am simply asking for the same thing for promoting SH to customers. I suggest that before you come out with guns blazing, you consider that maybe people know what they are talking about. And tell me what is “catastrophic” about that. Maybe I will change my mind, who knows? I see no downside.

Basic listings are just nice landers. Leave it be. No point flooding the marketplace unnecessarily.
–Did you read Grant’s original post on recent improvements and the items about Basic Listings? I was asking about HOW to do that with the names I already have in Basic.

If there are plenty of “early adopters”, then there’ll be just a “flooded meaningless boost”.
–This could be tempered by SH any way they want. And I have no idea what a flooded meaningless boost means.

And on your comments to others about clawing our way - no matter where anyone is from, we have all had to earn our way here, not claw. Some people here have been with SH when contest awards were $50 and they are still here. They have given feedback, which SH listens to, and have improved the site to be the very best there is because of that and their tech ability. So, just because other people have to start from zero like we all have, doesn’t mean that people who have helped to build this should not receive some other benefits.

I don’t have a problem with SHs most recent changes.


@qtnames : Clearly your limited time in here hasn’t given you a comprehensive picture of how SH works. I 'll suggest you take your time, understand the dynamics of SH and then rebut. Here at SH, in this forum we (esp. our senior pros like @Commulinks and others) discuss ONLY constructively and the changes DO HAPPEN in a flash. You’re brilliant with words/names, I totally agree, but then what’s words without the dynamics of logic. So, probably you may wanna observe a bit more before your next rebuttal. Thanks & all the best!

  1. My suggestion will be putting a limit on the No. Of domain submissions per week and scrapping $1 concept.

  2. Control over discounts for SH registered names.

  3. Less frequent changes to the rules and policies on SH

  4. Monthly or quarterly sales report containing hold periods, avg .sale price , trends etc


Squadhelp: Could you add a layer to delisting on the dashboard? I have accidentally delisted several of my names and didn’t know it because I inadvertently hit the delist button. Can you add an “are you sure” button? Thanks!


@qtnames There are more productive and respectful ways to disagree on other’s suggestions. I just want to say that I am quite new here myself and I am struggling financially, which has led me to find ways to potentially earn money. I don’t see how anyone has to claw their way up here. As with anything people naturally improve with experience, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t have the same opportunity to win or that I have to claw my way anywhere. There is no guaranteed income here so I work on other sites that is guaranteed to pay for my time. I wouldn’t suggest anyone base their living on a contest platform.

As for logo redesign and suggestions for the marketplace it’s the same as any marketing. The logo does make a difference because it attracts the buyer and can convey a feel for the name. If it had no affect on sales then SH wouldn’t spend the time and resources to provide a complimentary one.

I’m also sorry you see seniority as elitism. Yes it’s nice to start out equally anywhere but most people, in general, would become quite lazy and careless if there wasn’t some reward for their efforts. I see no problem with benefits for creatives that put their time and effort into SH. I’m sure the time put in here doesn’t pay nearly what an hourly job would for majority of us here. Personally I do it because I enjoy it. Regardless those that are top performers and stick around is what allows this site to grow and create more opportunities for people like me, So as a thank you to those long-time creatives I support them getting some extra perks.

I’m not going to cover all your many criticisms, as I don’t believe you will consider any of our feedback anyway. Please do consider a more respectful approach to your future replies though. Thanks.


I had started a previous string about marketplace suggestions and one of those suggestions was that SH needs to work on the categories. Right now, nearly half of all marketplace listings are listed under consulting, for example. Sometimes the categories we have to choose from in the dropdown don’t match the categories actually listed in the marketplace itself. I know I am seeing that my names are not being found like before. Things need to change in the marketplace if SH is going to continue to add thousands of names. I know if my names have a “chance” to be seen, they will get attention. So how can SH make sure our names are seen better? Breaking up some categories would be one way. Thanks.


I agree. This has become a very big problem - to find own domains from the main page of the market. I can flip pages endlessly, but never meet own domains. It is annoying that when I search for my domains several times I come across duplicate domains that belong to other market players. If there were more highly specialized categories, the problem would be solved.


This is a HUGE problem. We are supposed to be limited to 3 categories but I see the same names at the top of more than 3 categories all the time.


I’m not sure exactly how the categories work anymore. When I fill out the information for a domain, there is always a prompt if you select too many categories, or key words, or whatever. But names in the marketplace often have more than three categories listed, and the part where you list the “feeling” of the name…I see domains with ALL the possible choices listed frequently. So some names apparently suggest advantage, strength, vastness, glamour, bliss, community, luxury, innovation, etc etc all at the same time.


Hopefully, y’all saw @grant 's message about changing the way marketplace names are on-boarded today. He said something about simplifying the categorization. I hope that it will mean fixing the categories…soon…


I would like to suggest that Squadhelp show the current position of our names on our dashboard.

When I see that doing a superboost on a name has increased that name’s position by over 15,000 “points,” I wonder how long it sat at the very very bottom of the list.

I am beginning to go backward now in my marketplace net profit. I don’t like that one bit. I’ve invested a TON of money (thousands) in my marketplace names and I need my profit to be going up, not down! The marketplace categories need to be changed, too, as I have suggested before. SH needs to tell us what position our names are sitting at so we can make sound decisions. Clearly, you know what the position is, because you tell us the impact of boosts. And now that we are “buying” coins to improve our name positions, I think we should have all the info necessary. I don’t have time to scroll and scroll and scroll to try to find my over 300 names in the marketplace.

Yours truly,
Anxious in Colorado