Marketplace rejection reasons


I love the SH Marketplace, but there’s just one thing that irks me slightly: Not knowing why (even in some general sense) why a submitted name is rejected. I refer, of course, to the helpful SH tutorial/guide to best practices, and how to think about the name/s you think might be dandy to submit to the Marketplace.

As it stands, we get a “nope, sorry” rejection and that’s it. Period.

Even just a checklist from SH on what part/s of the smell test a submission failed at would be really helpful, I believe, and in the long run help us Creatives think longer and harder about our Marketplace name submissions because sometimes the best route to successes is knowing more about our failures :slight_smile:


@JustScott When the marketplace first opened, this suggestion was made, and for a while we were given one of several stock reasons when a name wasn’t accepted (too long, not brandable enough, too generic, etc). After a few weeks they discontinued the feature because it was taking up too much time for those reviewing submissions.


I can imagine that’s the reason, and I really don’t blame ‘em. I can live with it. In fact, upon second thought, it challenges me as a Creative to pin down the possible why/s.


@ALDaisy1 re “not brandable enough, too generic” — shouldn’t it be the market (the ones actually shopping to buy a name) be the one to decide that, not whoever working for SH judging names that particular day? My view is that if a name passes the legal test, it should be Marketplace worthy and put out there to let name shoppers decide whether the names fit them.

I look at a lot of Marketplace names and SMH over them,but who am I to say what’s good taste and what makes sense? I have no friggin clue what Zillow or Yahoo are supposed to mean on their surface, but really, I don’t have to. All I have to worry about is whether they’re legal. If I want to pay my own good money for a dumb/nonsensical/too generic/not brandable enough name for my business, that should be my problem and my decision, no?

Imagine the failure Tinder would be if it was up to some Tinder judge to decide if you were good looking enough to make it onto that app. “Nope, nose is too big, too blonde, reminds me of my mother, good gawd do something about those big-arse ears”, etc etc etc.

On second thought, I think we deserve at least some sort of idea why our rejected names fell short, even if it’s a generic check off reason. I mean really, how much time does it take for a judge to click on a box? It’s better than SH breeding discontent over a process/decisions that currently seems to be done in the dark or arbitrarily.


I hear what you’re saying, but Squadhelp couldn’t call themselves a curated market if they accepted everything. You always have the option of buying and listing a domain in basic, or enter the name into contests, accumulate loves, then submit (this is the best way to get names accepted, in my experience). As far as explanations go, when they were given, I didn’t find it as helpful as I expected. To use the dating analogy, if someone turns you down, would you really feel better if she told you it was because you weren’t fit enough, a boring conversationalist, or reminded her of an ex? No just has to be no sometimes, and I’m ok with that.


I hear ya, too, Scott. I do wonder myself sometimes. But here is something you should try: Sign up with another domain marketplace (not allowed to say names but use the biggest one) and run your names through them to see if they are accepted. I will tell you that many of them will be rejected.

BUT! I sold one name here that was rejected for the premium marketplace AND the other big marketplace. This happened when we were getting feedback on rejections (which only lasted short time and was too time consuming for SH). I was told the name was not catchy, brandable or something like that. But I believed in it (and I had already purchased it when I subbed it for premium and I had paid more than normal for it…) so I listed it in Basic Plus. And as I said, it sold.

So yeah, sometimes everyone is wrong and you are right that the customer decides and you can see that by looking at winning contest names, too. We all smh sometimes. I saw a post on Twitter yesterday from a domainer asking other domainers “if you could sell one of your best names today for $10K, which one would it be?” When I looked at the answers I was shocked! (And started thinking I need to raise my prices!). But domaining, as I have learned from experts here, is a lot more than a name we think can sell. There are parts of domaining that I just don’t know/get/havetimetoinvestigate.

But shoot, I wish I had responded to the “which name would you sell for $10K” question in the domaining community to see what kind of reaction I would get… I have tried some names similar to ones with over $10K price tags in the marketplace and been rejected. So clearly I am missing the secret sauce!


I get that, and agree with you there. And there are times where I sit on the fence over whether my suggested unregistered Name is reallyreally all that :slight_smile: and consider it might be better off as a Basic listing. Only 2 things re that: 1) There’s no option for different options — you just submit the name itself and hope for the best.If there’s an option to re/list your name from Premium to Basic after it’s accepted, that’s fine. But it has to get accepted first, and end up either in Premium or Basic (or some other category, I dunno. — I’m not aware of a “how to submit names” tutorial within the SH site.

If you have any insight/experience on this, please share.


To use the dating analogy, if someone turns you down, would you really feel better if she told you it was because you weren’t fit enough, a boring conversationalist, or reminded her of an ex? <<

Actuallly, yes I would appreciate such feedback. Because that helpful info might help me keep from maybe making a fool out of myself next time. Or fill me in on how to improve myself on the next go-around.

I don’t mind someone telling me my limitations. I really don’t. Some of them may be easily fixable if only someone would open their dang mouth about it :slight_smile:


@grant Y’know, while we’re on this subject, this could be an added-value income stream for you (nothing extravagant, just on online tutorial/class deal for a reasonable price) made available to those in the SH fold who would like the inside dope on how to really score getting their names accepted into Marketplace to make some better than usual money.

Just sayin’. Seriously.


I mean no disrespect but I feel some of those reviewing submissions on SH haven’t got a clue what constitutes a good domain name. I’ve had one .com domain rejected recently that is without a doubt a 5 figure brandable domain to the right buyer. Many other tlds are taken. What’s even funnier is there are other names in this niche that have been accepted as premium that are nowhere near the same quality and are even on .co or other weaker tlds.

One of my other domains that was rejected has been accepted at BP with a $4k BIN.

I have of course asked SH to review their decision, but I have to say some of the premium names that get accepted really boggle my mind.


@DaveP The name might not have been rejected because of the name, but because of the price you put on it.

I haven’t submitted a higher priced domain here for at least six months because they just don’t get accepted. They have a particular client base and they know their client base so they know what names they want to list and at what prices. Don’t take it personally. I used to take it personally but now I’ve adapted to SH way of thinking I’m really happy. You just have to adapt to their way of thinking too.


@AbleBrands Thanks for your response. I see where you’re coming from but when I see weaker names in the same niche get approved as premium it does make me question the approval process.


I really want this feature, so it’ll help me to learn from my mistakes! I wish SquadHelp start providing the reasons why they rejected our names so we can submit much better names tomorrow!


Hi! It would be nice, but as being already pointed out several times, that would be a huge effort involved in that and it’s not feasible. With so many entries every day, I suppose they would need a few extra staff just for that :smiley:


If they really want to develop their company and develop creatives like us, so they will have to do it! This is not rocket science! :smiley:


I don’t know about you, but I would rather have staff at the ready when I need blue button love.

The issue here is that the Marketplace trend is constantly changing. Say they have 7 domains in the Premium marketplace with the word dog in them. They are most likely not going to accept your domain. 8 months later they have sold all domain with “dog” and now start approving of “dog” domains again.

It would take far too much time to type 2-3 sentences about each domain.

Trends change, needs change, the census changes.


I have a very good acceptance rate so no real complaints on that. Getting used to the low prices is another thing.

Each marketplace has their own taste and hopefully bases that in part on what has sold,or in the case of SquadHelp,been liked or loved in contests. There is an insight that we don’t have on the stats that they do.

Getting down to basics, if the name poses any problems via trademark or similarity to a trademark that is an obvious reason. Another is probably similar site running as a business. If I have Flocksy but Flockzy is running as a business it’s unlikely the name will sell at this time so thereby rejected.

Best not to take rejections personally is my motto.


What you say is true @littodino I used to feel terrible about having my good names rejected but I have come to terms with that. I imagine the marketplace as it’s own beast. If it doesn’t want your names then it means they are looking in a different direction than you are. I have at least 2 directions ready for a creative name before buying it but maybe he/she (who decides on that day) doesn’t see it or has seen too many similar ones, OR plainly lacks experience with the particular niche of the domain name. It’s bugging but I see a bigger lesson here (especially for me since I always wanted to create a marketplace). I can totally relate with them too. How much manpower and energy would they need to go though thousands and thousands of names … which is one of the main reasons I have held back and will probably settle and be happy with just building a personal portfolio marketplace - of names I believe in and can back :wink: Also each marketplace is different because the people behind them makes them what they are. By far I feel SH is the best right now and I look forward to seeing them do greater things in the years to come. :slight_smile: