Marketplace "Primary Category" vs "Possible Uses"


I always just assumed that Premium Market Place domains were searchable under the “Primary Category” we select. However, poking around on the marketplace today I discovered my names do not show up when I search for them under the “Primary Category”, only when searched under the “Possible Uses” categories.

Has this always been the case, or do I have a glitch? If this is the case, what is the purpose of “Primary Category.”


Word, I noticed this, too, a while ago and was pretty dismayed. I am slowly, slowly fixing all my names and it is a lot of work. Also note that the possible uses categories are NOT the same as the categories listed in the marketplace. If you want your name to show at all, you have to choose the exact primary categories shown in the list on the left of the marketplace. The rough part is, the possible uses categories don’t match those categories and sometimes aren’t even there and vice-versa. I noticed a category on the main marketplace page for “outdoor” … but there is not a correlating category for possible uses.


This is very sad news. I naively believed that the search is conducted in both Primary and Possible Use categories.Hope, the SH team will eliminate this bug


Ugh. Thanks for the info. I don’t have that many names, but to think they have not been searchable under what I thought was selected as their primary category all this time is disappointing. Off to make lots of changes.

I also assumed names were searchable under the “root words” and that does not appear to be the case either.


Thanks for bringing it up, Word, I haven’t had a chance to do it. At first, I thought I was imagining it. LOL. But name after name… it kept coming up and I am fixing them as I go along.


If there is an upside I’m surprised a few names are doing so well in less than ideal categories, lol.


I checked. It really is. Big bug settled on the SH! I am discouraged by the fact that even when choosing the Primary category in my portfolio, the filter does not give me their corresponding domains! There is nothing surprising in the fact that CHs cannot immediately find suitable entries in the domain market. This problem needs to be addressed urgently.


Our search algorithm evaluates many factors while listing and ranking domains (such as possible uses, keywords, the specific words used within the name, primary category and others).

We have made some updates to our algorithm to put a bit higher emphasis on the primary category compared to other categories. We want the customers to find the most relevant results as they are filtering by different categories and keywords. This algorithm is evaluated and adjusted by our team on a weekly basis.


@grant Thanks for addressing this issue. Quick question- why doesn’t the ‘Primary Category’ appear on domains’ landing pages? The ‘Possible Uses’, ‘Keywords’, ‘Root Words’- all appear there. But the ‘Primary Category’ is missing.


We do not display Primary Category separately to end users because we believe it can potentially hurt sales if the end user is considering the domain for a different use. We now display Primary category as one of the “Possible Uses” even if that primary category is not added as a possible use for that domain.


@grant Thanks. Makes sense.