Marketplace metrics


Hi @grant
I believe we need a new metric in the MP for creatives. A metric which would reflect our ‘sales performance’ relative to others. May be it can be worked upon. Just a percentile rank of number of total domains sold by the creative. It will be a more exacting metric complementing the ‘portfolio popularity’ percentile.

@Creatives, what do you think?


This metric and your suggested metric are both meaningless in my opinion.

As an example, if someone has 50 names on SH and sells 5 names they’ve sold 10% of their portfolio. Now if they add another 20 names it shows they’ve sold 7.65% of their portfolio. (50-5+20=65) 5 sales in 65 names = 7.65%. We have no idea if people are adding names or how many so the number is meaningless.


@AbleBrands Great insight. Thanks! Although my idea was to convey ‘Total number of domains sold’ by the creative irrespective of the listings added. More so, to give averages like me an indication as to how far I’m to the rank table where you’ll sit on top (100% ile) forever :wink: