Marketplace domains arranged by 'overall rank' and top10% flame indications are all MESSED UP!

So, I used to get all my top 10% flame domains first, when I’d arrange my domains by ‘overall rank’. Also, this exact rank matched my portfolio page order. This used to help and decide for boosts of specific domains.

Recently, I found my top 10% flame indications are all over my list randomly, when arranged by ‘overall rank’ and it doesn’t match the portfolio order. (No domains running boosts- to eliminate doubt).

I wonder if I can call this occurence as ‘Randemic’ :nerd_face:

@grant Please look into this.


Same here…I’ve been hoping it would fall back into place.

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Hopefully it gets fixed.

Considering the number of domains, I think SH needs to conduct full demos of the boost, superboost, 10% flame indicator and portfolio order algorithms.

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It’s definitely harder to figure out how they are being shown as hot. Maybe there is a lag in the views or likes stats? Boosts don’t seem to work much so I haven’t been using them.


The ‘top trending names’ are also messed up. My top name in the list comes almost last when arranged by ‘overall rank’.

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Well, maybe. A lot needs to be improved, that’s for sure.

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