Marketplace Domain Submission

Hi Guys

Pardon me if this question has already been answered in the community. I cannot find, so I am submitting my query here.

I want to know what is the difference between “Submit A Domain You Own” & “Submit An Unregistered Domain”. Is there any difference at all between the two.

As a new creative, should I choose"Submit Unregistred Domain" section. Hopefully, once SH approves that, go to “Submit a Domain You Own” where I can fix the selling price etc etc.

So, is this how it works.

Any help would be appreciated

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You select “submit a name you own” if you have already registered a domain and want to sell it in the SquadHelp marketplace. If SH approves it as a premium domain, then you can set a price within their approved range.
You select “submit an unregistered name” if the domain is currently unregistered, and you want SquadHelp to either register it (you get 25 percent commission when it sells) or you want to register it yourself if SquadHelp agrees to list it as a premium domain (this second option will have a higher commission, but you are responsible for the cost of the name and managing renewals).