Marketplace Domain Renewals


Does anyone know, is there a fee charged when a marketplace name is placed on a three day hold?


I have one on a three-day hold as well right now and to my knowledge there wasn’t a fee to me or to whomever showed the interest. Considering mine now has a little over a day left, I am getting anxious on if it will be picked up or not. Considering how hard I have tried to ‘meet’ the SH ‘criteria’ in subbing name ideas and keep missing the mark and therefore only have two names thus far to sell, it would be nice if they sell. Would also be nice if we could get some more marketplace contests going since I was on hiatus for a good while wrapping up my schooling and missed the others so now don’t have much of a chance to possibly have other names picked up for marketplace and yet have a lot of ideas right now based on some current trends I’ve seen in the branding industry.

But, @ALDaisy1, I don’t think there is a fee charged, and you’re still allowed to sub it to contests until it’s actually bought. So if that is why you were asking, that is the answer for that. Hope that helps.


Thank you, @rareworthy, glad you’re back. :slight_smile: I guess a better way of phrasing my question is whether the potential customer pays a fee to hold the name. It would be easier to gauge how serious they are about purchasing the name if they had to pay even a small reserve fee; if you can hold the name with no investment it seems fairly meaningless.


Thank you, I’ve missed being around. In good news, I graduated :smiley: So I now have my masters!

But, back to the topic at hand. I can agree with you and that I think would be a great idea! I don’t think it is currently a thing right now, but maybe it could be? Maybe a small ‘hold-charge’ is applied and it can be between $$-$$$ and even a portion of that can be non-refundable convenience fee, if the person does not buy the name it could be returned minus a convenience charge for SH and/or SH and the creative to split if the reserve runs out and it is not bought. If it is bought however, that ‘hold-charge’ just subtracts from the amount the person would owe at purchase + convenience charge (i.e. is for sale on SH for $1199 - customer places it on hold for 3 days with a hold charge of $200 – customer buys the name two days later and only has to pay $1049 which is a total of the $1199 (list price) - $200 (hold charge) + $50 (non-refundable hold convenience charge that either goes to SH or splits between SH & creative). Just an idea.


Hi @grant , i submitted ID to a contest which is not open for premium domains, but ID display as a premium price. So CH said i dont have budget for premium domain, i thought previously we can submit ID if we are willing to accept contest award prize as a compensation


Congrats on earning your Masters, Rareworthy! You’ve been missed here!


@Brandshai in regards to the high number of names rejected for marketplace approval, I think the main thing is to keep submitting those names into contests. Just because they aren’t approved for the marketplace does not mean they aren’t great names. I have won several times with names I tried to get approved for the marketplace, and honestly, it’s very satisfying when a CH chooses the same name Squadhelp declined. So just trust your instincts; you know a good name when you see one. :slight_smile:


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Congrats on earning your Masters, Rareworthy! You’ve been missed here![/quote]
DITTO! :kissing:


I do understand, you are right. But, now I don’t belong to the elite Tier A category, deprived of benefits, :cry:so If I can sell through Domain Market place at least I will get some more $$ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: hope you understand my point… Only two of my names are there in the market place and one just got sold, processing is ongoing … Wish me luck!!


That is great Grant. As someone who does not have a lot of extra money, I would appreciate including points into the renewal process. I was wondering if we could use points to renew but have the $10 come off after the domain sells? This could be an option where we could either pay the $10 renewal up front or use points for the renewal and then have the $10 come off once the domain sells. Just a thought. Best wishes.


Hey Rareworthy Congrats on your Masters !!! Great Job :mortar_board::tada:


@fxpreneur - Please report this specific instance using the Blue Button. We’ll have our tech team look into it.


At this time, the primary way to keep a domain in the Marketplace after one year is through a $10 listing fee paid by the Creative. For many names, we’ll allow Creatives to opt for a lower commission rate, in which case Squadhelp will cover the renewal costs. This second option will likely take points into consideration as well.


Ok thank you @grant :grin:


last but not least KUDOS @rareworthy for your master!


How will the renewals be handled on names initially approved with a lower commission rate? Will the fee still be $10, or will Squadhelp renew them?


The same process will apply for domain renewals irregardless of the original commission structure.

You will be able to make a choice whether to 1) stay with the original terms [pay $10 for renewal], 2) accept the new offer [where SH pays for your renewal] or 3) do not renew the listing.


Hi Grant

I have a domain that I want to move from SH to my own business domain registry service ?
How can I do this ?

I have read the state of play across the forum about this, and there does not seem to be a way for creatives to manage some of their Intellectual Property on the SH platform the way they choose! This does not seem right. If SH do not want to/cannot manage the domain transfers (you are not a domain registry service, so why would you!?), can you please find a way to do this with a domain manager-registry service that SH can partner with to manage this service for its customers.

I believe it is unethical (when SH is an ethical business) on any creative platform to block (in effect) a creators access to their own Intellectual Property without control to change, move or sell it as they see fit. Also to pay for only one method of service ($10 AND commission type 1 or type 2) is also unsatisfactory. I know I am not alone on this as others with the same and similar requests in this forum have stated, and very likely more who are yet to written about it here.

I think no one here has a problem with paying a fee for service, as you are a business, but a service needs to be provided by SH to remove such restrictions to someone’s personal IP. This way everyone can win. Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:


@designOspheres - Thank you for this feedback. It seems there may be a bit of confusion on the various ways to participate with Squadhelp.

As a bit of context, there are three main ways for a Creative to engage with us: (1) submit name ideas to contests, (2) submit name ideas into the marketplace [Squadhelp Owned], (3) submit domains you own for consideration into the marketplace [Creative Owned].

You can review the Terms for Squadhelp Owned and Creative Owned domains here.

The Squadhelp Owned option allows you to secure and monetize your domains, while Squadhelp takes on 100% of the financial risk. Because of this, there are very different commission levels and policies for Creative Owned domains vs Squadhelp Owned domains. With regard to the Squadhelp Owned option, we have a clear policy that these domains cannot be transferred.

If you are looking for flexibility in removing your listings at any time, and also receiving a significantly higher commission, you have the option to register the domain first, and then submit the domain for consideration as a Creative Owned domain.

You can learn a bit more about how to submit Creative Owned and Squadhelp Owned names here.


You need to update those terms @grant

How Much Do I Get Paid?
We offer highly competitive commission structure.

For the domains you already own, you receive anywhere from 75% to 85% of the final selling price.

This should read 58.5% to 75%

For the domains you don’t own, you typically receive 25% to 45% of the final selling price. The exact commission terms are shared with you before you approve the name for listing in marketplace. (Note: SH pays for the initial domain registration costs in this case)

This should read 18% to 36%