Marketplace Domain Renewals Update


Grant, please clarify if I will not renew the domain name it becomes available after the expiration date?


@Awintura Your domain will NOT be available for hand registration the day after the expiration date.

You can read all about what will happen with your domain when it expires here:

The short version of that is:

When the domain expires, you (SH) will have a period of 0-30 days (depending on the registrar) to renew it for an increased cost of $80-$150 (depending on the registrar).

After that, it may fall into “the aftermarket”: other domainers can purchase it from the registrar for an increased cost, $5 - $99,999,999. This process can take a further 15-45 days (depending on the registrar).

If the domain is not purchased by you or someone else during that period. The majority of names will drop back into the pool of names available to be hand registered 60-65 days after the expiry date. The difficulty for us is, we can never know the exact date.

SH uses GoDaddy and NameSilo for registration (as far as I’ve seen, there may be others).

GoDaddy aftermarket is here:
How to take part and bid instructions:

NameSilo aftermarket is here:
I can find instructions but it’s quite easy to work out. You can always ask me if you need help.


Thank you!..


@grant The names that were missing the renewal link have now appeared, thanks. After renewing, I received an email that says:

We have received your renewal confirmation for your domain, {domain name}. As per your request, this domain will be renewed as per the original commission rules. Your account will be charged $10 for this renewal. The domains are typically renewed within the final week of expiration. Thanks Squadhelp Team

{domain name} <-- that is exactly what the email says, I didn’t take my name out to protect it’s identity here.



Thank you for letting us know. We’ll get this fixed right away.