Marketplace Domain Renewals Update

For creatives who have domains listed in the Domain Marketplace, you will now start seeing options in your account regarding renewals. Note: These options will only be visible for domains that are about to expire in the next 60-90 days.

To recap our policies, you can renew your marketplace listing for 1 year (at the originally approved commission terms) by paying $10.

As an alternative to paying the $10 fees, you might see an additional option for a reduced commission (where you do not have to pay the $10 fees). Note: This option may not be available of all domains.

You also have the option to decline a renewal in which case your domain will not be renewed and your marketplace listing will be removed at the end of domain registration.

If you choose the first option ($10 payment), you will not be required to send the payment to SH. Instead, we will simply deduct your account balance by $10. This way the balance will be automatically adjusted when you win your next contest or sell a marketplace domain. Therefore, your account balance may become negative and will stay negative until an additional amount is credited to your account (as a result of winning a contest, selling a domain, etc).

In order to see the renewal options, please go to your Marketplace dashboard, and filter by “Approved Domains”


Thanks @grant. I really appreciate the options.

Questions: If we decide to take the reduced commission on a name, does that go into effect after the drop-dead date or upon accepting date? Will we be able to raise prices on the ones we decide to take reduced commission on?

There’s a lot to think about in taking reduced commissions in lieu of paying $10… that decision costs a LOT more than $10… so I want to think it through.

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Oh @Grant, one more question. I am trying to remember the timeline on the marketplace. Did you always have the shortlist option or did you implement that later? I seem to remember that these older names were there for a while before shortlisting. This sort of matters because the shortlisting tells me how much interest there is in a name. But if the older ones had counted views but not counted shortlists, then the numbers aren’t accurate. That impacts my decision-making.

Thanks @grant

I’ve just clicked on ‘select renewal option’ but the screen just hangs, like this:

Able, that happened to me at first, too, but then it resolved.

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It’s been about 5 minutes now. I’ve tried refreshing the page etc.

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The shortlisting function was definitely added later-- can’t remember exactly when.

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@grant as well as the hanging (mentioned above) I also have some names due for renewal where I’m not given the option to renew.

Thank you Therold. I thought so. It really does make a difference because the older ones don’t seem to have the same traction as the newer ones (except recently).


The reduced commission goes into affect on the date of renewal (not on the date of acceptance). You will still have the ability to make similar price updates as you do today. As per our policy, Squadhelp reserves the right to make changes in pricing based on the performance of the names.

We did not have the shortlist at the time of the launch of the Marketplace; however, I do not have an exact date that it was added.


It seems that some of the functionality is not working when the number of domains is too large. As a short-term fix, we have added a Filter By Pending Renewal Offers that should allow you to see your current offers.

Also, we will look into your names with pending renewals and without offers promptly and get that resolved. Please give us some time to work through this issue.


I’ve seen the new filter now @grant. Unfortunately, it hasn’t fixed the issue, it’s still hanging. I don’t know how many domains is too large? I’ve got 16 due for renewal if that helps.

Quick update @grant

The hanging has stopped for me this morning and I now have the option to renew domains. Many thanks.


Another update @grant

I renewed my 3 oldest names as a test last Thursday (3 days ago). Nothing has happened. The names haven’t been renewed and nothing has been deducted from my balance.

Those three names now no longer have the “select renewal option” link.

If it’s just ‘in process’ then sorry for being impatient!

If it’s not ‘in process’ it might help identify why some do and some don’t have the ‘select renewal option’ link.

You should now be able to see renewal options for all names which are expiring in the next 60-90 days. Please note that in some cases you may not see the second option where the $10 renewal fees are waived.

All the renewals will occur closer to the actual expiration date and your balance will be updated at that time (in case you choose the first option of paying $10 for second year).

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Hey @Grant, I have a (very humble) request and if the team thinks it is too much trouble, I totally understand… so here goes…
I really dislike seeing zeroes in my account, let alone negative balances. It’s really discouraging. Would it be possible for you guys do add a “set aside” option so the money is (virtually) deducted from my balance (or shown as money I can’t withdraw) and then you take it when it is time? I’d really like to do my renewals when I have money in my account rather than see it go negative.

Thank you!


Thank you @grant A couple of things you need to be aware of:

If we don’t have the second option, the radio dial is automatically ticked to pay the renewal (which is great thanks!).

I’ve removed figures and percentage amounts.

If we do have the second option, nothing is automatically ticked. I’m just a bit worried names could accidentally drop because we assume it’s going to automatically renew or we just forget to do it.

Also, there is some code at the end of the second option, I suspect this is some private internal code that shouldn’t be there?

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@Commulinks - Thank you for this request. Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to build a feature to set aside the funds for renewal. However, we will look into how best we can display a negative balance.

@AbleBrands - Thank you for sharing this feedback. We will be making a few updates to improve this display in the near future. Also, we will be sending notifications to creatives to remind you to select a renewal option at the appropriate time.


Thanks @grant. Much appreciated.

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Hi @grant, in my post above I showed some domains that were not given the option to renew. I’ve now received an email for them that states:

We just wanted to let you know that your marketplace listing for is about to expire and you would need to select a renewal option so that we can renew your domain. As per our Marketplace Terms, you are required to pay a $10 renewal fee in order to keep your original commission terms. However please login to your Marketplace Dashboard to see all options available for the domain renewal. Some domains are eligible for a waived renewal fee in lieu of a reduced commission. If you do not select a renewal option, we may automatically renew your domain and deduct your account balance by $10. Please let us know if you have any questions.

I still don’t have an option to renew them.

I could have blue buttoned it, but it’s probably easier for you if we try and keep issues in this one thread?

Many thanks.

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I have the same situation.