Marketplace Domain Logo Designers being Underpaid, Undervalued and Overlooked

Hello everyone and most importantly @Darpan and @Grant

I want to bring this view into the light. We designers are being underpaid, undervalued and overlooked.

Let’s start with Ratings

Our overall ratings are drastically dropping and if they reach a particular rank/threshold, we won’t be able to pick new assignments. To fix this, we are told to redesign any negative/“no thank you” ratings on some domains, this will improve your ranking. But what happens when there are no negative ratings? (This is me speaking on my path) and yet my overall ranking still drops and keeps dropping. I am now told to redesign random unrated domains in hopes that the seller/owner some how rates them. This is doing a work free for hopes.

A solution to fix this

Let unrated logo domains after 15 or 30days be automatically rated as “Love it” and if a seller/owner comes back to see that he/she doesn’t like the logo, then can rate it negative and have a complimentary design. This will greatly fix overall ratings.

Complimentary Redesigns

Now some domains, after being bought by another seller, the logo gets a free redesign. Also when an owner doesn’t like a logo, he/she can issue out a redesign request. Now this is fine, but I feel as designers, we should be paid again to redesign your logo completely and not be done
for free.

Confusing/over used AI-description

With the introduction of AI, many domain owners have shifted from using SH expert classification which is real people giving meaning and descriptive write-up to your domain(s). This has brought about negative returns as sellers now over use AI that gives generalized descriptions to domain names. Making one name have over 100 uses, thereby confusing the designer. I have had to redesign a particular domain over 15 times because the owner doesn’t like it and failed to give a descriptive meaning of what he wants designed, rather asking me to reference the AI description that has over generalized and no meaning towards your name. I think some sellers are lazy and are just waiting for their domains
to be designed sold with no work and then collect their money.

A fix

Would be to give back the work to expert classifiers who took their time to give real meanings to you name. If you don’t want to use expert classifiers and choose to use AI description, that is fine, but please give design direction of what you want designed.

External Domain Designer Portfolio.

I have asked for this and yet to get a feedback. A lot of designers here has contributed greatly to the marketplace and have designed thousands of domains. It would be great to our work experience/portfolio if we can use this outside of SH platform, at least to show we are adequate designers. Every time I share my link, it refers back to the landing page, making it that someone has to register with SH to view. Give us an external portfolio.

Lastly, Domain Logo Payment.

I think it is high time yet again the stipends be increased. As we all know, SH just secured a good seed round which I am grateful for because the platform will grow and expand, but I feel as designers and in every other team, we are undervalued, underpriced and overlooked without regarding the fact that everything you see if of our work on visuals, we bring life to brief and write-up. We give physical life to codes. With the rate of inflation and layoffs, our payment system should be increased. I have designed thousands of domains and many of them have been sold of with SH and the seller getting all the cut while the designer who designed the logo gets paid about 0.1% or less. You can imagine what that is. Most of this domains here gets sold because of the visual representation. I am not disputing the
description and length of high valued names, but visual looks also contributes to buyer preference.


I feel the payment structure should be reviewed and increased. Also if domain sells, we should be given at least 1-2% of the purchased amount. Shout out to domain owners who when their names sells, they give some stipends back to the domain logo designer, I have had few and I am highly grateful. I have been on this platform for over 5 years. and I have contributed, participated and designed thousands of domains, I feel my words should be heard. I have watched this platform grow and it will keep growing.

Once again @darpan and @grant, I am highly grateful to be part of this platform and team. Guys sorry for the long write-up.


Ratings: sorry but if your rating is dropping, it means that you need to design better logos. There are logo designers with 4.8 / 5 or 4.9 / 5 ratings, aim for that level. It’s great that SH ranks the logo designers with great ratings higher. My three favorite logo designers all have 4.8 - 4.9 ratings. Anything below that is not good. The competition is fierce. Improve your logos.

Complimentary Redesigns: I agree, you should get paid for logo redesigns.

Confusing/over used AI-description: I always give detailed logo design description before the logo design, all sellers should do this. If you don’t see any description, send a message to the seller and ask directly the seller for the logo specification. Hint: other logo designers with great ratings do this and this practice improves their ratings.

External Domain Designer Portfolio.: not a good idea, it is very easy to fake it.

Domain Logo Payment.: sellers increase their prices due to inflation, so your payout amount is increasing, too. I agree, the logo designs are important, we should respect the work of the logo designers here.

About Ratings, I am not sure you read what I meant very well. I said my ratings are dropping without any negative ratings. All my rated logos are “Love It” with no negative ratings in the last over one year or so. I have always kept a high ratings with my top being almost 4.9, can’t fully remember. Any negative I get, I quickly redesign and listen to the owner’s query. So I know what I am saying. This drop in ratings has happened several times with the ratings algorithm. Sometimes it fixes itself, sometimes it doesn’t.

And for your three favorite designers, I am sure they haven’t designed up to the amount I have designed to keep that ratings high because the algorithm also adds logos that are not rated and trust me, there are going to be logos left unrated no matter how many times you change the design or remind the owner.

Confusing/over used AI-description : I do send messages, I do design to the best of my knowledge and of the description but there are still sellers who refuse to answer. I had one recently who after back and forth still didn’t want to give meaning to his domain name or even give a design direction for the logo. He just wanted an award winning logo from no where. Imagine a client gives you a name, no brief, no history, nothing and keeps rejecting every idea you spring up. nahhh

External Domain Designer Portfolio : How please? Just like Dribbble or behance, how do you want to fake the link when it’s on squadhelp’s server? If you send your “public profile” link, anyone that clicks on it, takes you to their profile. so in this case, let it be the same thing or different but I know what I mean.

I don’t know about the algorithm, probably the algorithm thinks if you received no rating for a logo, then it’s a negative ranking factor. You should design logos where the sellers leave a positive rating. Again, the competition is fierce, probably other logo designers receive more “love it” ratings and fewer “no rating” than you do. Try to design logos which will receive a “love it” rating, other logo designers manage to achieve this.

The domain designer portfolio here on Squadhelp should contain all the designed logos. (This should be improved, currently it only displays the most recent few logos.)

An external link to an external logo portfolio is not a good idea, a designer could easily fake this, how can prove that the designer has indeed designed those linked logos? There is no way to prove it. Build your great portfolio and rating here on Squadhelp.

I think you didn’t actually understand his request. :slightly_smiling_face:
I believe he’s simply asking for a Squadhelp link that properly and easily showcases all of the logos he has designed over the years. This link can be shared outside the platform to get other jobs, boost designer profile, etc
The current portfolio link doesn’t do that (not effective).



The current link, if shared to outsiders takes you back to SquadHelp’s landing/home page. I would only have to screenshot my profile to show people or clients. Now this can be easily manipulated. But a live link cannot.

The current link, only people who are user’s of SquadHelp can view the actual page. What I am asking for is for it to be also open to externals.

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