Marketplace Description Edits Done By SH. A Couple Of Questions

@Grant I noticed in the last few days that SH edited the descriptions of a few of my marketplace domains. Some were changed completely. Some were shortened. Personally I don’t really mind if SH wants to edit some descriptions if you guys think a different description or a shortened one can be helpful to sell that specific domain. The problem is that the descriptions are now too short so based on the completeness level- these domains are now incomplete (orange or blue instead of green indicating that it’s optimized). Previously they were all ‘Complete’.

I think it would be helpful if you could explain these description edits as it’s something that I just randomly noticed, explain if these edited descriptions can be tweaked or not and address the incompleteness level that’s caused by these edits.



I don’t care for the edits either. I’ve only run across a couple, but my issue is the writing style of the edit doesn’t match the original description. It sounds disjointed. I’d rather the descriptions were left alone or flagged so I can edit them myself.


@moretal @ALDaisy1,

We are testing different description styles to see if it improves engagement from buyers (this is a beta program).

We are currently only updating descriptions for a small subset of the domains in the Marketplace. We will likely do this going forward when we believe changing the description will improve the overall engagement from potential buyers.

It is possible that the completeness level may be affected, but typically this should not be the case. This level is only an internal gauge; it has no implications from a customer or domain-ranking perspective. Still, our goal is to keep descriptions long enough that the completeness level is not impacted.


OK, thanks for the explanation. I actually changed one of them back when I first noticed it because I thought your change was something I had written quickly while submitting the domain and forgot to make it longer. I don’t remember which one it was. So… oops. Then I realized it was you guys and was wondering what was happening. Good to know the completeness level is just an internal gauge. Thanks again.

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