Marketplace Commission VS. Contest Prize Amount

Hi Creatives, I have entered a $300 contest that is “open to Premium Domains” - the commission I stand to make in the Marketplace on this name is lower than the contest prize amount. If they went with that name, would I be awarded the contest prize? or the Marketplace commission? (I believe in the past, we would receive the commission, but that was before the new commission structure). I’m hoping it’s whichever is higher. Thanks!

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@CRen I think you are correct, you would get the $300 prize. If the prize was lower than your expected commission and the name was chosen, you would only receive the prize amount (I have sold two names this way) so the reverse should be true, as well.


Hi @ALDaisy1 - Thanks for the quick response, yeah, I’m hoping that’s true as well. And congrats on selling a couple of Maketplace names through contests, that’s promising :slight_smile:


Yes - @CRen @ALDaisy1 - It is the higher of the two amounts.