Marketplace Commission Structure Update

We are moving to a standardized approval and pricing process for all domains (including creative owned domains).

In case of creative owned domains, you will now receive custom approval terms, which include a custom selling price as well as a custom commission % rule.

You will have an opportunity to accept or reject the commission rules before your listing is approved. Just like SH registered domains, we are finding that not all external domains are the same and therefore require specific commission rules based upon the overall fit, as well as the industry of the domain.

This will not change the commission rules for names that are already approved.

Grant I have a question. Was there a glitch in the marketplace submission system? I resubmitted 5 the other day and when I checked this morning none of them showed up in any area. Pending, Approved, Not Approved, etc… But I know when I clicked submit each one gave that little confirmation saying it was submitted.


@LorinsEggshells I think there must be. I haven’t had anything reviewed since the 7th.

I’m not liking the sound of the ‘commission structure update’ @grant I’m assuming the commission is dropping even lower than it already is?


I blue-buttoned it earlier today… They have a backlog of submissions and are not currently accepting any new submissions for the marketplace. We should check back in a few days, according to the operator.


This has happened to me and if I remember right there was never a solid explanation of why or how it happened. Since then I take a screenshot of what I’ve submitted or jot them down.


@Grant, I think I have brain fog! Can you explain more about what you mean by this because I am not getting it. I thought you were already doing this. And, while we are talking… what is the max commission now?


@LorinsEggshells Lorin and everybody else- there was a problem with submissions. After I saw that some names I submitted (that got the ‘successful submission’ message) didn’t appear in the pending section- I blue buttoned SH and they told me a bit later that they fixed the issue.


Please if you could explain, [quote=“grant, post:1, topic:2841”]
not all external domains are the same


It was:
SH owned - SH commission was between 60-75% (plus 10% withdrawal = 77.5% to SH, 22.5% to creative)
Creative owned - SH commission was 25% (plus 10% withdrawal = 32.5% to SH, 67.5% to creative)

@grant could you tell us the minimum and maximum commissions now for both SH owned and personally owned domains please.



I am not aware of a glitch. Please report this via the Blue Button and we can look into your specific case.

This structure was put into place for Squadhelp Owned domains. Since the successful implementation, we are now expanding the custom commission structure to our Creative Owned domains as well.

@AbleBrands -We do not have a specific max commission, each offer is specific to the name and the projected demand for that name.

@fxpreneur - Commission are not being lowed. In some cases, commissions can even be higher than before.

@Brandshai - The point is that each domain will have a different value, demand, risk for investing, etc.

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OK, thanks @Grant and @AbleBrands - I get it now!

After re-reading an email, I see we are not allowed to discuss commission structures in the forum…thus my deleted post.

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Oh ic ok thank you for the explanation @grant

Grant, regarding commissions to CRs, according to SH TOS, it does seem they are being lowered for domains approved after June 13, 2018. If, in fact, CR coms somehow end up being the same or higher that would be welcome, of course. Or if SH is spending more money to advertise and sell Marketplace domains so more actually are sold.


Yes, definitely being lowered. Not sure if I’m allowed to post the numbers here but submitted one today that was accepted at same list price as others I’ve had accepted but now a much lower commission, lower than I likely could have gotten in a regular contest win. I guess it is now safe from being poached though.


It’s good you got it accepted, though, congrats! Congrats to all still making over this hurdle of getting accepted. I need to find a Da Vinci codex or something. I’m just scratching my head with this cryptic curation, lol.


I hope possible to increase the commission till 30% at least for creative :sweat_smile:


30% commission or not, it’s still an herculean task to get it sold tho. There are names that have been laying just there for months gathering views and shortlists no sale. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. I think the market isn’t moving fast enough.