Marketplace Clarity Please


Hi everyone, I’m needing some clarification about basic plus listings in the Marketplace. I took a little break from SH at the end of last year and now that I’m back, I’ve been sifting through Marketplace forum topics trying to figure this out. I’ve recently changed my “basic” listings to “basic plus” so that I can receive that selling amount if I were to enter them in contests. But what I don’t understand is if those “basic plus” names are viewable/searchable/findable in the Marketplace? They do not come up when I try searching for them, however, under “My Dashboard” it shows there are a lot of views (no shortlists). Who’s “viewing” these? Was there a finite answer to this b/c I did not see it in recent forums? Thank you in advance!


Hi @Cren …glad to see you back.
Basic Plus listings are ONLY viewable in the main marketplace if they have received 2 high ratings. You can see that the name is visible in the marketplace or not by looking in the far right column on your name dashboard. It will say “visible in the marketplace”. If not, the names are listed only under creative owned names, which is a completely separate tab for the customer. You can find it at the bottom of main squadhelp page.


@Commulinks thank you very much - that makes complete sense. Sooooo I need to start entering them into contests :slight_smile: Take care!