Marketplace Anonymity


Today I was looking at the leader boards in the marketplace and noticed that the number one seller is listed as “Private Seller - This seller has requested to keep their information private.” I wasn’t aware that we were able to do this. I’m not knocking the number 1 seller. Just curious because our public profiles have our winning stats and monetary reward totals…which have caused some problems in the past for creatives who have won alot. Worst example was to poor @littodino who was new and was winning alot. People actually stalked her here and on other social platforms accussng her of cheating somehow. It has also happened to others.
I know SH prides itself on transparancy, but I’ve never worked for a company were the employee salaries were there for all to see.
So I guess my question is, can we choose whether or not our info can be seen or is it just for the marketplace domainers? @grant


I don’t have a problem with creatives having anonymity or not. But I think it’s fairly simple to protect yourself as a creative anyway. If you don’t put your Instagram or LinkedIn info in your bio, you don’t use the same photos for your profile that you have on your Facebook account, and you don’t share your real name (including surname) in public posts, I think you already have a good measure of anonymity. The marketplace is a little different because, in theory, a domain sale can be traced back to the seller.


I don’t have a problem with it either. Just happened to notice it today.


I would like to start by stating that at SH, we have zero tolerance for any type of harassment. If anyone feels they are being harassed or targeted by another SH member, please report the issue to us and we will address it promptly. If you are contacted by anyone on a different platform (e.g. FB/ Instagram), it is also a good idea to report the issue to that platform.

Regarding the privacy of stats, unfortunately the contest platform requires us to maintain a high level of transparency and we are unable to hide the stats.

As @ALDaisy1 stated, if you wish to keep your information private, it is always a good idea to remove any links to your social media profiles and pick a generic screen name that doesn’t use your real name.

We have allowed a limited set of privacy options in the marketplace leaderboard. If any other creative wishes to keep their information private in the leaderboard section of marketplace, please contact us via blue button and we will make that change for your account.