Marketplace advice?

Hello, As a newer member, my head is spinning from all the different marketplace options, commission rates, etc. that I have been reading about on this forum.
I want to list some names, but have no idea what the best avenue would be to even get started. I’m also not good with numbers and get lost reading about them. So many changes have taken place as SH has grown and I want to make sure I am going by the most up-to-date info. Is there one place I can read a condensed comparison of the available marketplaces & options available? I would really appreciate any guidance the SH creative community could offer based on your experiences. I respect the collective wisdom you have worked hard for here and would truly value your opinions! Thanks very much

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SH recently did some video tutorials that you might find useful:

Submitting names:
Difference between Standard and Premium:


Great! I appreciate your time and help, thanks