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THREE things I would like to reiterate or recommend concerning the marketplace

  1. Several marketplace creatives are ACTIVELY on twitter. Considering how hard we have worked to gain a following on Twitter, it would be “nice” if SH would Retweet our domains for sale at least once in a while! I mean, every tweet I tweet says “squadhelp” in it, which benefits SH and every other creative who isn’t even on Twitter, who doesn’t even try to market their names, benefits. It would be “nice” if Squadhelp reciprocated at least once in a blue moon for crying out loud! I have worked VERY HARD to gain a following and I have even spent money on advertising.

  2. I have said, SEVERAL TIMES, that SH needs to let us put SH owned domains on sale as we see fit. There are times when SH doesn’t put a particular name on sale for over 2 months. I have names like that NOW. That means we cannot even try to get our names viewed. It is time for SH to change this policy and let us put ANY name on sale when we see fit!

  3. Superboosts: It is very clear that some creatives have figured out how to “time” this system so they get all of the boosts. In spite of SH increasing available boosts (thank you!), it is clear that people have just figured out how to snag all of them. SH needs to look at who is snagging the majority of boosts and make further changes so everyone has a chance at at them. (i.e. allocate a certain # of SBs per TIME ZONE)

SH: You have done more than ANY OTHER PLATFORM - and I DO know that. But that does not detract from the fact that I and others know how to improve.

KINDLY consider these recommendations!


I don’t see why there can’t just be a limit on the number of superboosts one seller can have simultaneously. Surely no more than 3 at a time would be feasible.


I am not sure how superboost slots work, few days ago I suberboosted 3 domains. First I had a notification “3 slots remain”, waited a few minutes after first boost (I only had 8.000 points, I don’t know how I wasted them all :D) to rethink, boosted another, and some 20 minutes later boosted one more just because @Commulinks keeps saying it’s difficult to snag a slot. Now I have 287 points and 3 superboosted domains that are not getting any more shortlists than before…


You’re right, sometimes the superboosts don’t seem to have a lot of effect. But if you superboost names regularly, your portfolio does gradually get more views. IDK why it is so hard to find a slot available lately, but if one seller is buying up dozens of slots at a time, that does seem problematic. If there’s another reason why availability is so scarce, I wish Squadhelp would explain.


Glad you brought that up, Avram! I boosted and superboosted names that got no further shortlists.
AND, I used points AND spent money on coins to boost them.

And @ALDaisy1: YES, there should be limits… because you and I both know that the SBs are being snatched up by only a few and after trying MANY TIMES to get slots, it is clear we are not in the “window”… so I would tag on and say SB’s should be allocated evenly by TIME ZONES

But honestly, if I am being absolutely true to myself in all of this I have to say that I am TIRED OF SPENDING MORE MONEY to market my names over all including coins. I feel that SH could knock all competition out of the park so completely…and utterly.


I hope more and more sales for you @Commulinks and other creatives too.


I would really like to use superbust, but reading about the disastrous results of my colleagues, I will not do it. However, it is very surprising that the Basic Plus domains visible on the market are still lacking superbust. I don’t mind spending the lion’s share of points on promotion of the Basic plus listings domains. I am sure that many of us would like to give a chance to these domains, which are in the shadow of premiums. And it’s very strange, given that we transferred the DNS to the SH, but they very rarely have a chance to be seen. 5 requests per month is an insanely small amount for a domainer who has hundreds of domains


i miss the old days , now more competition and spend more money. Tired of buying coins. bleh coins.


Thanks for the suggestions @Commulinks

Regarding Twitter/ Social Media, our team follows a certain cadence of posts to make sure we don’t come across as overly promotional in our organic posts. In fact, we plan to further reduce our promotional posts in the Organic section, while adding more informational and helpful content. If an account is too promotional in the organic posts, it can negatively effect the engagement and reach. We also tend not to retweet domain for sale tweets by creatives because we don’t want to come across as favoring few creatives but not others.

We also find that while organic posts can sometimes help in generating leads, the paid advertising has a far greater reach and impact across all social media channels. We are therefore putting a lot more emphasis and focus in ensuring the relevant names from creatives reach potential buyers via paid advertising.

Having said that, we will do our best to retweet or share certain posts from creatives if they include unique content (e.g. helpful tips or articles in addition to specific list of names)

Regarding the ability to put names on sale, can you further clarify? Creatives do have the ability to add discounts on their names.

Superboosts - At this point, the super boosts are added across all time zones. As an example from last 7-10 days, I can see that few creatives from this thread were able to add several superboosts for their domains during the day time (in US time zone). Unfortunately most slots fill up within few minutes after they are released. While it would be easy to add additional slots, we believe that would also take away from the benefit of super boosts. We are watching this closely and will add further limits if we see that certain creatives are using too many super boosts at the same time. On a broader note, we are working on several platform updates with a goal to further improve discovery of relevant names, without relying on superboosts.

The superboosts move your domains higher up in search results, and can therefore temporarily result in better discovery and exposure. However, there is no guarantee that this will lead to more shortlists and sales. The names certainly benefit from additional exposure during the super boost period (due to higher position), however if they do not receive enough interest from the buyers (in comparison to other names), they will gradually move down in their ranking once the superboost period ends. There are also other methods to improve ranking for your names without spending points/ coins for a superboost. For example, if you submit the domains to relevant contests, and it is liked by the CH’s, this can lead to a more sustainable increase in the domain’s ranking in the marketplace.


@grant I was able to buy two superboosts this morning, and there were 34 more available at that time. (6:30 am CST). While it has been harder to find open spots since the new year, I understand there is a lot of competition for these slots and I do agree offering more of them would negate their effect. Next time I will try to be more patient. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the detailed response @Grant. Yes, I saw boosts available this morning and was able to get some last week. On Twitter, I figured that was why you weren’t doing it (favoritism, etc) but I was hoping…

On putting our names on sale - we cannot put our SH owned domains on sale unless they are 3-4 months from renewing. And it really impedes us a lot. I have names all the time that the auto-sales are not catching sometimes for months. I was told to just reduce my price. I do not want to do that. It doesn’t put the name in the “on sale” category that way and then I have to remember to put it back. I reported the problem by blue button long ago and there wasn’t anything anyone could do about it.

Thanks for your detailed response.


Regarding sale, I am always able to select multiple domains, go to “edit domains” and add desired discount. I checked with support, people that shortlisted (hearted) your domain get a notification, same as when you put discount on single domain. I only have SH owned domains listed. Not sure if they are listed in “on sale” section, never bothered to check.


Except for SH owned domains, which you cannot discount unless they are 3-4 months from renewing.


Just tried to add discount this way to one of newly registeredd domains, it works…Capture


Oh my gosh, Avram, I never even knew that could be done. It doesn’t say “add discount” under “check trademark” like it does on others but your method does show it! Woo Hoo!! THANK YOU!!!



I, quite literally, laughed out loud when I saw this. You are such a gem!!!


Superboosts + Heavy discounts + Extra marketing = No sale for 2 months.

Do we have increased shortlists’ activity after ‘Aftenic’ happened? I don’t see a spike yet.