Many brands that want to get to the top in the world market need a universal one-word name

We all know very well that the Squodhelp domain marketplace has become a key figure in domain sales over the past three years. However, many customers, getting to our market, get lost in a huge sea of domains. As the name of the topic suggests, new companies aspiring to become leaders need beautiful abstract names. Our colleague in the neighboring thread suggested using the shuffle mechanism, which will periodically change the possible uses for these domains. It’s a good idea, but it won’t solve the problem in general. If the client wants an abstract name for the food industry at the moment, many of the domains will not be available to him, because due to shuffle, the domain he needs will simply not appear in the search at the moment, as it will indicate other possible uses. The problem can be solved by introducing a Universal Uses category of possible applications. In this case, any abstract word will be displayed in all branches of the industry. I would like to know the opinion of colleagues and the SH team on this proposal


One smart cookie Edukar, very solution oriented.

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