Major Updates - Submitting Unregistered Domains in Marketplace


@Arnet You use to to request domains for marketplace, you use them for early entry to contests, you use them for best entries. It sounds like now you can use partial points & $5 to renew marketplace.


@Commulinks in my case, the deductions showed up as soon as I submitted domains, but the 100 point addition only showed up when the name went live, not when it was approved.


All my mp names have been approved and are live…I haven’t seen the100 pts credited yet.Maybe soon I hope☺


@Marye5 - If you have any names approved after this update was announced, the points would have been applied to your account. We did have an issue for the first few days that points were not reflected in the activity feed (this has since been resolved). We have not seen any instances where the points were not deposited into the account.


Thanks @grant
Edited…issue has been resolved. Thanks to sh team!!