Major Updates - Submitting Unregistered Domains in Marketplace


Points for approved domains are being added to your account; we will check to make sure they are also appearing in your activity feed.

@fxpreneur - We will look into this issue. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.


I didn’t get mine either- that I can see anyway…I see the deductions but not that additions in my points


Much Appreciated!!! Thank you!!!

UPDATE: @grant… Any time frame when we will see when/where our missing points will be credited? Thanls!


What can we do with points? I forgot. I know I can get free stuff and discounts with my AMEX card.


@Arnet You use to to request domains for marketplace, you use them for early entry to contests, you use them for best entries. It sounds like now you can use partial points & $5 to renew marketplace.


@Commulinks in my case, the deductions showed up as soon as I submitted domains, but the 100 point addition only showed up when the name went live, not when it was approved.


All my mp names have been approved and are live…I haven’t seen the100 pts credited yet.Maybe soon I hope☺


@Marye5 - If you have any names approved after this update was announced, the points would have been applied to your account. We did have an issue for the first few days that points were not reflected in the activity feed (this has since been resolved). We have not seen any instances where the points were not deposited into the account.


Thanks @grant
Edited…issue has been resolved. Thanks to sh team!!


Hello everyone. I’m new here.

Just a few questions about unregistered domain submissions to SH’s marketplace. I’m seeing a discrepancy between the announcement in this thread and the following helpdesk article:

Under the article’s section Squadhelp Owned Domains - Terms & Conditions:

If your Marketplace submission is accepted, Squadhelp will deduct 100 points from your account.

Is this accurate or an error? Isn’t it a 10-point deduction for submission and 100-point credit for acceptance?

Other issues I’d like to clarify also under the same section of the article:

Renewals: Squadhelp will register the domain for a duration of 1 year. At the end of the year, you will have the ability to pay a listing fee of $10 to extend the listing in the SH Domain Marketplace for another year.

Implying that sellers also can choose not to extend their ownership of the listings. But then there’s this:

If you do not select a renewal option 7 days prior to your expiration date, Squadhelp will automatically renew your domain and charge your account a $10 listing fee.

Where the implication appears to contradict the previous one. I’m not sure if I’m misreading this…

I just want to ask, can sellers NOT renew their marketplace listing ownership? Because the way that the second paragraph above is written appears to imply that there’s no way to waive ownership and avoid the listing fee charge. Or is it just describing default behavior and the option to not renew is actually one of the renewal options?

I understand that:

Squadhelp will not be able to transfer the domain ownership back to you under any circumstance.

So if sellers/creatives don’t renew their listing ownerships, they will no longer be able to submit those titles and domain names in naming contests, right?



i cant change my name server because it doesnt show in my account :frowning: i’m just newbie and i dont what to do i already read the link squadhelp sent but still i cant find it my domain is apporoved but still DNS setting i dont know how to do


Can you share who you registered the name with? Someone may be able to help walk you through the process.


@ptword Welcome to SH. Thanks for sharing the articles. It looks like the recent point changes are not reflected in some of the articles and we will get that fixed.

We no longer deduct 100 points when your domain is accepted. It now works in the reverse fashion - you will receive 100 points if your name is accepted.

For renewals, you typically receive 3 options (Keep same commission, and renew for $10, Keep same commission, use points and renew for $5, Accept reduced commissions and renew for no additional cost).

In cases of certain domains, the third option is not offered. In that scenario, you will be given an option to NOT renew and drop the domain registration.


What of seller owned name that is about to expire. if the seller does not have money to renew it, can SH renew it? If yes, who becomes the owner, and what will be the new commission?


Sounds great ! Thanks for the update.


SH will register your approved name for free and give you a 25% commission for the first year.
After one year, to keep your small 25% commission, you have to pay a $10 reg fee/name. While you pay $10/name/year (more than the annual renewal rate), SH retains ownership of the name and takes a 75% commission on the sale.
Once you let SH register a name you’ve come up with, they own it forever, and they get a huge commissions while forcing you to cover the 110% of the reg fees. They end up with:

  1. full ownership of a seller-created name and the next year and thereafter
  2. sellers have to cover 110% of reg fees on a name they created
  3. 75% commission on a name that sellers created and which sellers are funding annually at 110%!!!

I have a few squadhelp registered domains but I don’t think I will be renewing them (paying the $10 fee to SH) and unfortunately those domains which I created and thought long and hard for are no longer mine. I can never get them back. I have practically stopped competing in the contests as many of my names have ended up being registered by who knows who? It’s a slippery slope. You could end up losing more than you earn.


Excuse me…How much time does the domain take to sell on marketplace?


Anywhere between 10 minutes and 42 years.


Cheeky but true lol love a straightshooterhope you and yours are well


Oh, Able, You made my day! :0)