Major Updates - Submitting Unregistered Domains in Marketplace


We have made some significant updates to the Marketplace policies that apply to unregistered domains.

1. Discounted renewals with points:

For any renewals of SH Registered domains, you will now have an additional option to renew your domains with the same commission rate as previous year. You can now use a combination of 500 points and $5 to keep your existing commission rates for an additional year. Note: this new option will only be visible for those domains where the renewal offers haven’t already been sent. In addition to this new option, you will still have the existing options that are currently offered for renewal.

2. Submitting Unregistered Domains as Creative Registered Domain

Earlier, you could indicate that you are open to registering the domain yourself (if approved). However. it was upto SH to approve the domain as a SH registered domain or a creative registered domain.

Now, you can explicitly select the “Creative Registered” option while submitting an unregistered domain. This will allow you to register the domain after the listing is approved, and you will receive a 65% commission (35% SH commission) on the name. Unlike other marketplaces, we will not charge any fees to review these unregistered domains. However in order to better manage the volume of these submissions, you will need to use 50 points for each submission when you select this option.

In addition, you can still choose SH registered option (or you can let SH decide between creative registered or SH registered option). In these cases, you will need to use 10 points for each submission.

If your domain is approved, you will receive 100 points back into your account.

These updates should be visible later today. We will continue to look for more ways to benefit those members of our community who are earning points in our platform as a result of their ongoing participation.


Thank you for listening SH! Really appreciate this!


Thanks Grant.

Is the 100 point rebate for all acceptances? or just the ones SH regs?


Good Update Indeed. Thank you!


Every time a domain is approved, 100 points are deposed into your account. This applies to all Marketplace submissions.


Good news, Grant. Thanks!


I find this to be great news! Very nice! Thank you!
I would further suggest that, regarding the first point, I would also like to see a renew option with no money down, fully paid with points. It could be for example 1500 points to renew with no commission reduction or 1000 points with a small commission reduction or similar.


Hey @grant
I see a - 100 in my points for a marketplace submission.I don’t see the 100 pt deposits for approved domain as you mention here.


hi this problem already there for long time, i already filtered not submitted under domain marketplace status on my entries page, but entries which already submitted always appear again.
I hope to fix this. thank u


I got my 100 points when my domain went live (not when I approved it), if that helps.


I think that happens if the name was submitted to other contests.


i dont know but i dont think so, unless those names have high rates in other contests. In case names currently have high rates in other contest then surely no one able to submit the names into marketplace.


All my names that were approved went live shortly after approving the terms.I haven’t seen any desposite of points for approved names.Maybe I’m not looking in the right spot.Thanks the info.


I didn’t see any points added to my points board. I just happened to notice that my points jumped up by the right amount when my names went live because I just happened to be on SH at that moment.


I meant if you submitted to more than.ine past/closed contest. I would type the name on your entry page, click not submitted and click domain availability


I c…guess I should reach out via bb…thanks:)


Points for approved domains are being added to your account; we will check to make sure they are also appearing in your activity feed.

@fxpreneur - We will look into this issue. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.


I didn’t get mine either- that I can see anyway…I see the deductions but not that additions in my points


Much Appreciated!!! Thank you!!!

UPDATE: @grant… Any time frame when we will see when/where our missing points will be credited? Thanls!


What can we do with points? I forgot. I know I can get free stuff and discounts with my AMEX card.