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Friends, I think it’s time to solve the issue with the number and quality of experts. Many complain that good domains are not approved, but not very good ones have flooded the SH domain marketplace. After several domains consisting of single dictionary words were rejected, I realized what the reason was. For most experts, English is not their native language. We need more than 20 experts. At least 30, and experts, as in the United Nations, should be recruited from every continent, since the Squadhelp is a global platform. This means that 10 experts are needed from both Americas, 5 from Western Europe, 5 from Eastern Europe, 5 from Africa and 5 more from Asia, 5 fron Australia.It’s not even about the exact amount, but the principle of equity participationю Unfortunately, I do not know the composition of the experts, but I know one thing for sure: 20 people are not coping with their duties on time at the moment.


Edukar, can you please publish the list of the 20 expert reviewers that you have and their countries of origin and native languages? That would be really helpful for all of us when subbing names.

Also, can you post the list of English dictionary .com domains you own and have submitted that have been rejected? That would also be useful to know so we don’t make similar purchases. Have you resubmitted them to SH only? You might want to try that since you don’t seem to trust the reviewers. You have that option in your settings.


I’m not related to the team, I’m just as creative as you are. Therefore, I do not know who exactly is an expert. I don’t have any list. I am not satisfied with their work. Able post confirms this. We see a lot of low-quality domains on the market, and this should not be. I will not publish my rejected single dictionary word domains, you can find them in my portfolio. I can refuse the services of experts, but this will not solve the problem, because the team has an even smaller percentage of approved domains. I just want to work freely, without obstacles. Work ‘for’ and not ‘in spite of’. The essence of my message is simple: I want there to be more than 20 experts.


yeah agreed, you can simply choose SH as reviewer. problem solve


You don’t seem to understand what I’m trying to convey. I prefer an expert review for many reasons. If only because these experts are the same domainers as me. I am not intimidated by their number. The more reviewers there are, the fewer errors and the more honest the assessment of the domain is. These are simple laws of statistics. I ask SH team to increase the number of experts, because not all of these 20 even view our domains. Very often, domains are rejected after viewing only 10 experts. When I wrote to support why this is happening, I received an answer that the team considered these domains unpromising. The question arises: what does the team have to do with it, if I deliberately chose an expert review? I want things to be called by their proper names and that the rules are followed. If I choose expert review, why does the team interfere with the final approval of the domain? Our platform should be transparent in this matter. That’s exactly what I’m trying to achieve.


yes increase the number of expert reviewers seems good option, thanks Edukar.


If you do not know who they are, why have you made assumptions about them - and insulted them based on your assumptions? Perhaps - PERHAPS - your names were not approved for other reasons. For example, I see two of your DOT COM names that are dictionary words and very similar. PERHAPS, there were several other people with dictionary words being reviewed and out of the 4 the reviewers were looking at, yours were the less “pleasing” in that moment? I recommend you turn on your “SH ONLY REVIEW” option and RESUBMIT any names for only SH to review. See what they think. Then reset your preference back after they have been reviewed to have expert reviewers for new ones. Although I don’t know WHY you would want experts to review your names after what you just said you think of their “quality,”

(Side note: there is a setting for SH only to review WITHOUT reviewers having any vote)

Then, I see a dictionary word in your portfolio with a .xyz domain extension. I find that names that are NOT Dotcom, dotnet, dotorg have a harder time getting approved as SH has outlined in their guidelines. I myself have several that were not approved that have alternate extensions. I have resubbed them, and a few were approved. I knew the risk when I bought them and I am happy that some got through.

Able’s post does not prove your point. Her post was about something that Grant has indicated is a glitch of some kind.

Finally, why would you think that 30 reviewers would work more in your favor than 20? Think about it, that could also work against you in exactly the same way.

I think first we have a responsibility to look at our rejected names and try and figure out what we did wrong - BEFORE insulting our colleagues who are reviewers.

Come on now. Let’s all be honest with our own selves here.


Also, I want to say that some English dictionary words are terrible words - not because they mean something bad - but because even people whose primary language is English can’t spell them. And, many would be horrible brand names, which is what we are here to sell.

I met a doctor recently who could not remember how to spell ophthalmology. I was an English major - and I told him how to spell it - you know why? Because I had just had to look it up the day before to make sure I spelled it right. Opthamology is the way most English speakers would spell that word unless they are spelling geeks.

Now I don’t know, it is possible that sold for a bizzillion dollars at some point. But I guarantee you that only ophthalmologists go to that site.


Link, why do you always think that I’m trying to insult someone! If I wrote that I am not satisfied with someone’s work, it does not mean that I offended them by this. I just offered to expand the staff of experts, even if they will not approve my domains. The more participants, the less lobbying of someone’s interests. This is a fact. You write that my dictionary words could not be approved because they were considered simultaneously with other dictionary words-domains. I’m sorry, but I’ll never believe it. I am now talking only about dot com domains. The probability of what you are writing about is less than 0.0001%. I claim this as a physicist by education and the author of a number of scientific articles. I do not enter into a confrontation with anyone, just like you, I want to make our platform better and more comfortable for work. I am with you, not against you. Think about it.

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Edukar…because you said THIS! How else is that to be interpreted?

Yes, I said that. And many others have said this too. One of the domainers even offered to delete domains that have been on the SH marketplace for more than three years. But all of us, including me, dissuaded him. What is criminal in my words? Many domainers left other markets and moved here because they saw great prospects. This means that we need to develop our platform further and take decent domains to the market. And one more thing. Not very good domains do not mean bad.

OK, Edukar, so you say you said it and others have said it, etc…

and that means it is OK to insult people.

But it is also OK to expect push-back when you insult people. And that is what I am giving you. You made the statements, and I pushed back.

I never said anything about whether or not you want the marketplace to be great. I do not doubt that. I am talking about insulting people based on assumptions you have.

So, it is what it is Edukar. Your words speak for themselves!

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There are no insults in my words, read my posts again! I didn’t say a single bad word. This is why the forum was created to share your opinions and make our life better. It is you who are attacking me now and ascribing to me what I did not do. I wrote that I was dissatisfied with the work of the experts and suggested expanding their staff to 30 people. You could say: “Oh, my dear Edukar! How wrong you are! I like how our experts work! My point of view often coincides with yours, but now, my dear Edukar, I take a different position and do not agree with you”. And that would be enough for us to understand each other. Please calm down, don’t be offended and don’t offend me. We are working together in one bundle. Let’s respect each other.


this also true -_- , 20 or 30 or 40 doesn’t matter, if my domains bleh i am sure those will still get rejected ahahhahahaha