Low ratings in cancelled contests

I feel that if a contest is cancelled, all low ratings in that contest should be nullified and not count toward a creatives low rated/high rated ratio. Why further penalize a contestant for wasting their time in a contest that no creative benefited from. Heck, maybe the contest holder even rated with an agenda.


I’ve noticed also that more and more contest entries aren’t even LOOKED at by the CH. Pretty frustrating.
Just venting

Some contest holders look over all the entries, and only rate the entries they like. Frustrating if they haven’t rated any of our entries, as we can never be sure whether to keep the entries or withdraw them.

@Dan…what is the decision on this,please? I took a hit of 11 nahs for the beauty contest that just cancelled, so in that case…do we still get our ratings lowered by a contest that didn’t even seriously score any names,and we got no benefit from, as lightless brought up,or are they removed? Is it also smart to check and make sure any of our entries haven’t been registered? Thanks~


@hollygirl, we have already shared details about our current policy in few other threads. The high rating % is calculated based upon ratings received. If a CH did not like any names and therefore did not pick a winner in a contest, it does not change how these stats are calculated. I am including a link to the help topic which explains this, (in case you haven’t seen it)

Okey dokey.Didn’t know if the contest was cancelled if it made a difference or not.Thanks~


I looked at the help topic you provided, but I found it hard to derive meaning from the bar chart.

Can you elaborate on the differences between these and how they translate to contestants’ entry submission limit?

  1. 0-10% <–> 4.72%
  2. 25-30% <–> 83.49%
  3. More than 65% <–> 100%

They are all percentages, but which is which, sorry it’s confusing for me. I’ve failed to grasp the meaning of Percentile here. Thanks.

@front, you are right, it is a bit confusing to interpret. The percentages on top represent the Percentile. For example if your rating score is between 25-30%, then you fall in the top 83.5 percentile across all contestants.

It’s still not clear for me. It’s a bit like saying “This is not, not, not bad”

lol :slight_smile:

Aha! Now I see it. Those bars in the chart are like a sport podium you can stand on, the higher the bar the better! :slight_smile:

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So having a 83.49th percentile really means you are in the “top 16.51%” of all contestants.

I wonder who’s got the 100th percentile? Or is that just for show?