Low Rating for Using Word Client Decided They Didn't Want

I’m new here, I’ll be the first to admit it. I know that I’m still learning, so when I start a naming contest, I read and re-read the brief to make sure I stay in the guidelines.
Last night and this morning, I submitted several names for a contest. This evening, I was given all “2” ratings, which has put me in negative points.
I went to the contest brief page, and saw that the client updated the brief after reviewing/grading names to state no more use of a certain word. That word was one that I’d used in 4 of my names that were given low ratings. I wouldn’t have used the word had I known the client didn’t want it but no such thing was stated at the time I submitted them.

So, what happens now that I"m negative points? I see where I can be removed or restricted but can’t seem to find out much else.



@lorien60, just to clarify, we do not currently use the point balance to restrict users. We do use a “high rating %” (# of high rated vs total rated entries) to determine the max number of entries allowed in a contest.

We will be announcing some changes shortly in our point system to address some of the concerns shared by contestants , especially related to negative point balances.

Thank you! I have been nosing around in the forum and am discovering many things but I do appreciate that clarification.