Love Notification message hasn't worked in 2Months

Anyone else not receiving an email or automatic pop up message, after receiving a Love it from a contest? Mine hasn’t worked in almost 2 months. Reported it twice, but just told that it will be reported and looked into…Thnxs. Using the same laptop, google chrome, yes it’s set up in my account, yes logged out cleared cookies, blah, blah, blah.

Also, my Overall Contest Wins percentage dropped from 92 to 85% in a matter of hours a few days ago. I’m referring to contests wins vs. participated in the past 6 months…have checked on random others profile pages who have less wins vs. contest participated, yet there scores are higher. Thanks.


Yes, I do not receive the ‘love’ notifications either. I have reported it also.

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I have my options set to receive love notifications but I’ve never gotten one the entire time I’ve been here.

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I’ve never received any either. I don’t think I even knew there was such a thing…lol!

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Not a huge deal or anything, but the couple of weeks it was working, I thought it was a pretty handy feature. @Grant, has SH received many notifactions about this feature not working. I mean is it something tec is looking into or ??? Just wondering, like I said it’s not a biggy. Thanks~

I used to be able to see them and it would certainly make my day! Haven’t seen them pop up in quite some time. Perhaps it is a technical issue?

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Ditto. I would love to receive such a notifications.

I’ll as the team to look into this.