"Love it" for a while and then "No thank you"

Hi folks. Has anyone experienced this. I can remember it happening 3 or 4 times over last lot of weeks.
I got a “love” (one just recently) and after a day or 2 it turns to “no thank you” . I have asked nicely if there was a problem with the domain or could they give me some feedback.(I assume I am allowed ti do this). No feedback on each occasion. I checked domain conflicts and could not see any.
I would give 10 dollars to know why CH’s do this. It is very frustrating.


You are not alone in this, Hawkeye - I’ve been here a while, and it still happens to me, and YES, It’s extremely frustrating - I really don’t understand how an entry can go from LOVE to HATE - I can understand it being downgraded one level, but from one extreme to the other?

YIKES! :grimacing:


Just in the past two weeks this has happened to me several times. Heck, I had one where I was given a love and within the same minute it went to a ‘like’. I think they think that they have to give subpar ratings for the ones they are definitely not going to choose, or a person or partner they work with ends up changing their mind, etc. There are so many reasons for this, I think it would be better for them to rate with the intention of how they feel they are going to think seriously for their projection. Not be all over the map all the time and finally reach a decision. But, we probably can’t and won’t do anything to help with this and it will just have to be something you’ll have to get used to and realize it comes with the territory unfortunately.

The only thing I can think of is. They are slips of the mouse. It would be nice if when they do this they could give any feedback. If the reason is known the mystery is gone. Otherwise it seems like a bit of a power trip.


@Hawkeye I honestly don’t know if they can figure out that we see any kind of rating that they give us via a ‘feed’ that shows activity, so if it is a mistake I don’t think they know that we will be able to see that we saw that they rated us one thing and then corrected the ‘error’. That’s why I am saying there should be more of a process – smiley faces/stars here-- click rating and/or leave feedback for the submission – “You have chosen to rate this entry as ‘star/face description’ are you sure?” – Give yes or no buttons-- | Or you could go further by doing those steps by doing – smiley faces/stars here-- click rating – “You have given a rating, for best results we recommend giving feedback as to your choice” – feedback box – “You have chosen to rate this entry as ‘star/face description’, and you have posted the feedback of – preview of comment/feedback-- are you sure?” – Give yes or no buttons-- and then the process if submitted. But maybe that would be too much work for 300 names, but the feedback would be optional but at least a rating of somekind would be mandatory to determine that the entry has actually been seen. It would also be nice if they could take it seriously and it to be not overstepping for SH to be able to ‘lock’ ratings once they are received – meaning actually go over each name seriously, process it, read the comments, rate, leave feedback etc and not change your decision later on. It counts against us if we have to change our mind or make a mistake or whatnot, why not make the system to where it should be taken so seriously. If we are judged solely on our worth and quality than make it a QUALITY experience for everyone – one which means that descriptions are thorough, keywords are given, submissions are seen and acknowledged timely, etc … Quality given and received by everyone!!

Have had it happen a milion times.It especially is tough when you are trending all by yourself with the only high score and think you are “In like Flynn”…then suddenly your name gets demoted or rejected. This is a capricious business at best!

Just an fyi…I don’t think you are allowed to ever question or comment to the CH why they rated your name what they did…so I would be careful about asking…as frustrating as it is!


Thanks for that Hollygirl.

It is very frustrating to be downgraded more than one level. “You loved it, but now you think it’s much worse than entries you previously didn’t like as much?” The CH just mustn’t be thinking in these terms.

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Don’t give too much attention to individual ratings or contests, just focus on the big picture and your overall progress. If you are going to obsess over the minutiae, you may go mad (I used to)


@rareworthy. Definitely think improvement in the rating system is required. As I say if CH’s were given voluntary guidance to all the ups and downs of ratings. Also what is critical is that Creatives are informed as much as possible.
Can someone explain why we don’t know what the CH is told/advised? Does it need to be that secret?

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@Hawkeye well I have constantly seen the word ‘transparency’ tossed around here and there and yet there are a lot of times, as a creative that I feel like I am in the dark about what goes on, on the other side. I know I am not alone either because there are constantly questions or comments saying ‘I don’t know what they see’ ‘we don’t know what’s going on’ ‘can you explain how this is laid out for a CH’ ‘what do you show a CH’ and five million other ways to say such things. Yet, as I said, the word ‘transparency’ is used that SH tries to maintain a high degree of it and/or complete ‘transparency’. Again, terminology around here seems to need better evaluation. ‘Full member’, ‘transparency’, ‘love it’, ‘like it’ ‘entry has been seen’ ‘on right track’, ‘no, thank you’ ‘best entry’ etc. I know SH is doing their best, and I am thankful for them doing such, but the confusion and misinterpretation combined with changes and lack of a complete knowledge base, etc just makes the broken things or the things that could be better fine-tuned, more out-of-whack.


I went back looking through topics because I know that this has been asked clearly before and it was in a question asked by @hollygirl in the thread “What does a CH see?” and @ChristyMay referred that it would be nice to see a screen shot or something at least of what the CH sees. @Dan replied to this thread ‘describing’ how the CH ‘sees’ entries and then also had one other reply to @ChristyMay.

On how the CH ‘sees’ entries it was said “The entries are visible in a list view (20 or 40 per page, based on CH preference). They can see the creative’s name next to each entry, and they can click the creative’s name to see their profile page. They have the rating options next to each entry, and if there are comments for an entry, they see an icon in a different color, along with the count of comments. There are also several other options for Checking Availability, Trademark etc.

As to seeing a screenshot, it was said “We prefer to not share the actual example of a contest holder dashboard in a public forum however I would be happy to answer any additional questions you might have.

So, I don’t know, all I know is I try to keep a flashlight or at least a candle handy (meaning, I just try to take a grain of salt and realize that some things come with the territory I guess and I know SH does what they can – it’s just evident that some things may need a bit more grease to get all the squeaks out).

@rareworthy. “am in the dark about what goes on, on the other side.” Made me laugh and think of the “dark side” lol.
Anyway I’m going to proceed without thinking to deep about the “this” and the “that”. SH read the forum so maybe there will be some change. As I say, maybe a short guidance speech to CH re- obtaining a fantastic outcome for themselves and some frustrations experienced by creatives.Nothing hard and fast- just a nudge. Best of luck going forward.

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@Hawkeye Yep keep your flashlight, your hand at the level of your eyes, and all of the other euphemisms that can be offered out. :slight_smile: Wish you luck as well, we’ll blaze our trails soon, hopefully, and I am sure there will be plenty more headaches along the way. Best to just pick and choose which are the ones are the ones that maybe could use some brainstorm sessions on what would be best.


I think I was in that same contest. I had a love it, then downgraded to like, and then tossed into the no thank you bin. At the beginning, I use to have hysterics over something like, but I found that wasn’t productive. I subscribe to @lightless’ version of sanity. I’ve saved my keyboard many a time because of it :slight_smile:


Yep…me too! I was giving myself ulcers over all of this, then realized it is what it is, and it does no good to try to MacGyver it.You just take your lumps and move on to the next contest, where hopefully your submissions will have a friendly home.


@hollygirl, yes and amen!

Just lost another love it, was trending for many days, it goes into finalizing and goes to a like. Pulls hair out How can you love it from submission to the end of the contest and then feel you have to re-rate it, the contest is over. Oh well, onto the next.

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You are better than most of us, it goes from Love to Nah with most of ours.


Happens all the time,I hate to say.I can’t tell you how many contests many of us have lost because of the same thing.And as Jackie says…it’s worse when it goes from a love it to a nope.I think those are harder to take.

All I can suggest is don’t put too much expectation into ratings or trending and get too excited about a possible win.Until or unless they send you the “you have won” email,it’s anyone’s game.

I have been a single trender all by myself before and still lost. I have had only an “on the right track” in a contest that had like it’s and love its…and somehow won. So you just never know.Ratings are just a barometer of what they like at the moment.Sometimes it sticks, but often it doesn’t.

It’s a fickle wind that blows here, as everyone’s taste is different, and can change many times in the course of a contest.It’s best just to be glad if you are on the seemingly right track,and getting good ratings. Have hope but not expectations.Then if the rug is pulled out from under you,you can still keep your feet instead of taking a hurtful fall.

There’s always tomorrow and another contest…and one of these days, all the planets will align.


I think both ‘No, Thank you’ and 'Love It rating should get locked, because both is an extreme situation. When one is really loving an entry they are rating it as ‘Love it’ and they absolutely don’t like it they rate it ‘No, Thank you’. Both the ratings require a conscious decision. And when CH will come to know that these ratings are going to be locked they will definitely think twice before rating them and not just out of any instant excitement. :smile: