Lots of names showing as taken when they are not


Does anyone else have a lot of domains showing the red circle like they are taken, but are really still available? I have been getting numerous ones showing up as green when you enter, then immediately when you look at the entries they are red and show taken. They are not taken. @grant is there a problem you can check into as it is happening more and more. Then I have to keep going to whois only to see they are available. Then I have to put a note on the entry saying that it IS REALLY available even though it is showing taken. Please check what is happening. THX!


I have a few domains showing as “Checked X days ago” and with an exclamation mark, instead of showing as “Available” and green because they are still available (Checked with other sites).


@grant you answer your “regulars” in other threads…what about this issue???


I have the same issue.


Same here. It happens often.


Me too, lately. Trés confusing


Thanks Jackie, for bringing this up


Hi All - We are looking into this. It’s always best to use the blue button to share specific examples. This way we can look more deeply into the issue. Sometimes, due to high volume of domain search, we may not get the correct results back from the registry. We continue to look for ways to minimize these situations.


Thank you @grant


Hello @grant any progress on this issue. It is getting annoying to have to type in the comment of the entry that the domain truly is available even though the system has a glitch saying it is not. Just wanted to see if they are able to find what is causing this.


Many names that may be shown as taken are Parked Domainsll Sorry if I did not read the whole threead this is a question I asked myself awhile back and figured out what paked domains were hope this helps STAY ENCOURAGED!!!


Most showing up as unable to confirm availability, here. ORANGE. Thanks.


Problem corrected. Many thanks to squadhelp.


@jackieheraty, we have made some updates to minimize the occurrence of this issue. If it continues to happen for you, please send those specific examples via the blue button and we will investigate it further.


Great thanks Grant!..