Lost blue button and the ability to look at my entries on contest page

Is anyone else having this problem? My blue button disappeared for some reason…so I can’t even report it…

I was just about to post a new topic. I’m having more problems than that:

I can click around the site and click on contests, but within a contest page, I don’t seem to be able to do anything. If I click on “Submit Your Entry” nothing happens. If it’s a new contest where an NDA needs to be signed, and I try to click on the NDA link, nothing comes up. I thought it must be something wrong with my computer, but just tried on my phone and it’s the same. And no blue button to report it.

Yes same here, cannot submit.

May have spoke too soon, I restarted iPad and then was able to submit.

Must have been a glitch…as it seems to be recovered now.

I was just putting a hex on a CH that unshortlisted me and it seems I must have hexed the whole site.

Sorry about that :grin:


@hollygirl @Therold @Shanna

I’m glad everything is fix! Please know that you can always reach the Customer Service team at service@squadhelp.com, if you are having an issue with the Blue Button.