Looking for my Lucky stars

I tried to put in 2 best entries for the Life Insurance contest for seniors. I do not see the little blue star next to the name like I previously did on a couple of other contests where I selected a best entry. I thought maybe I hadn’t selected it right, but when I go to those two names, the option to select a best entry is now missing. I think this is a glitch but want to know if the CH can see those since I cannot, Thanks.

@LuckyDuck, we looked into this and are able to see the stars from contest holder view, as well as from your view. Can you try to refresh your browser and confirm if you are able to see them? If you still can’t see them, can you share your browser information, and we will further investigate why it is not visible on your side.

Talk about quick! You’re like a shooting star Dan! Thanks! That did the trick. My little blue stars are back., so now it’s time for some Lucky charms :wink:


You quack me up duck


I was gonna ask if you had checked your Fruit Loops Duck,lol Glad you found those pesky stars :star:

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Yep, but so far I got Nut’n Honey :slight_smile:

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oooh well played my Ducky friend :wink:

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