Looking for cloud brokers with good contest ratings, paying $ for your success

Hi, please submit your cloud broker applications, I would like to choose a cloud broker till the end of this month.
My portfolio of 282 domains (growing steadily): https://www.squadhelp.com/domain-portfolio/BrandArray/245817
I am paying for each CH like and love that a cloud broker submitted, and for domains sold via cloud broker - details in PM.
Best Regards,


I am also looking for proposals from cloud brokers. My main interest is a broker with experience connecting directly with potential buyers. I already do a lot of other marketing for my names.
I have 296 premium names, 18 Basic Plus and a whole bunch of Basic listings, too.
Thanks for posting, Brand Array!


Because of your post, I have just submitted a request to SH to become a cloud broker and I will be applying to be yours. Whether or not I am the right broker for you will of course be up to you but I know I can help my fellow domainers on SH as a cloud broker. I just hadn’t done it yet. I will outline what I can do for you if SH approves me.

No problem, no hard feelings, no nothing if you do not choose me or if SH doesn’t choose me. I have been successful, though. I just haven’t been at this for decades like others.

I don’t know how one actually applies to be someone’s broker, but I will find out.

Again, thanks for posting. I really want one of my own, with lots of outbound experience.


Hey @BrandArray I see you are the owner of HighVector.com Could you please re rate the logo domain design?? I see you didn’t like the first one I did, How about the second…Also I see you have bunch of domain
I designed. On CareerVector.com, I see you didn’t also like this one, I worked hard on it and up till now I haven’t come up with another design for it but I felt it was a really good design…:sweat_smile::sleepy:
Glad you loved most of it.:slightly_smiling_face::sweat_smile::smiley:


@Commulinks Sorry for late replay, for some reasons I did not see any notification. I have not received your application as a cloud broker so I suppose you have not acquired the status of cloud broker yet. I have now 306 premium domains, and am still looking for a broker, so if you become one please do send me an application.

@kingugo123 Sorry for late reply! Thanks for coming up with this - I do have a problem with CarreerVector and HighVector - a “vector” has a graphic representation of an arrow pointing in one direction. High Vector has a connotation of growth vector, depicted as an arrow going from lower left to upper right, like in any growth chart. I will look forward to your updated designs.